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Picture of the day
Puente de la Margineda, Santa Coloma, Andorra, 2013-12-30, DD 08-10 HDR Edit.JPG
View of the Pont de la Margineda, a bridge located in Santa Coloma d'Andorra, Andorra la Vella Parish, Andorra. The bridge was built in the 14-15th century and spans the Gran Valira river (biggest in the country). The archstones are pumice, to keep the structure light whereas the walls are made of granite.  
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Media of the day
A flight around the Roman Rock Lighthouse just off Simonstown harbour in South Africa. This aerial media file was submitted as part of the Wiki From Above competition.  

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Dersom du besøkjer Commons for fyrste gong, har du kanskje lyst til å byrje med sjå dei utvalde bileta våre, som har vorte utvalde av Commons-samfunnet som spesielt gode.

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