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English: 60163 Tornado is a Peppercorn Class A1 4-6-2 ('Pacific') steam locomotive, built from entirely new parts in the 1990s/2000s. She was conceived, designed and built as a fully operational main line locomotive, as the next in class of the original 49 locomotives built in the 1940s for the London and North Eastern Railway to the design of Arthur Peppercorn. As such, she wears the next number in the series, 60163, and is named in honour of the Royal Air Force crews flying the Panavia Tornado jet fighter during the Gulf War of the early 1990s. She first moved under her own steam in August 2008, and now regularly hauls charter trains on the British main line, as well as making appearances at heritage railways and railway museums.



When originally presented in 1995, the locomotive was still under construction, and the nameplates carried the crest of RAF Cottesmore on one, and the insignia of the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment based there on the other. The training establishment closed in 1999, so by the time Tornado was completed, that crest had been replaced with that of RAF Leeming.

Main line operation[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 9 March 2013[edit]

Royal Train, 23 July 2012[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 26 June 2012[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 31 May 2012[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 12 May 2012[edit]

Nene Valley Railway - Barrow Hill, 10 April 2012[edit]

  • Loco and support coach movement

Cathedrals Express, 26 November 2011[edit]

The Caledonian Tornado, 21 September 2011[edit]

  • Crewe to Glasgow and back

Southall - Barrow Hill, 16 September 2011[edit]

  • Loco and support coach movement

Cathedrals Express, 15 September 2011[edit]

  • Woking-Redhill-W Hampstead-Lincoln and back

Cathedrals Express, 17 August 2011[edit]

Torbay Express[edit]

10 July[edit]

3 July[edit]

The Canterbury Tornado, 18 June 2011[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 11 December 2010[edit]

  • WCML: Euston - Chester - Euston

The Christmas Coronation, 20 November 2010[edit]

  • Day 3 of a 3 day tour (Day 1 being Kings Cross to Edinburgh, Day 2 a circular tour out of Edinburgh). Day 3 was originally planned as a trip from Edinburgh-Euston, but it terminated at Rugby due to poor steaming

The Royal Borderer, 22 October 2010[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 14 August 2010[edit]

  • Kings Cross to York and back

The Border Raider, 24 June 2010[edit]

  • 24 June 2010 saw Tornado tackle the infamous gradient on the West Coast Mainline at Shap. She hauled The Border Raider from Crewe up the WCML over the Shap summit to Carlisle, before returning via the more sedate but picturesque route of the Settle to Carlisle Line. The full tour started and finished at Euston using a diesel.

York - Crewe via Shildon, 23 June 2010[edit]

On 23 June 2010 Tornado was given the honour of towing the world speed record holder No. 4468 Mallard from her usual home as a static exhibit at the National Railway Museum in York to their satellite site at Shildon Locomotion Museum, where she was to be put on display. This was the first time in 22 years that Mallard had been seen on the main line. The full formation was Tornado followed by Mallard, Tornado's support coach, and the preserved former Royal Train diesel locomotive, No. 47798 Prince William providing extra braking force. The tow was undertaken in the afternoon, with Tornado returning to her East Coast Main Line base in York in the evening, then leaving again for an overnight trip across to Crewe on the West Coast Main Line as a positioning move in preparation for hauling The Border Raider the following day. Mallard was returned to York over a year later on 19 July 2011, this time being towed by another celebrity locomotive, No. 5972 Olton Hall, of Harry Potter fame.

The Purbeck Tornado, 16 June 2010[edit]

The Bath & Bristol Explorer, 29 May 2010[edit]

The Great Eastern Explorer, 28 May 2010[edit]

  • Liverpool Street - Norwich and back, via Diss outbound and Ely on the return leg

Cathedrals Express, 22 May 2010[edit]

  • WCML: Euston - Chester - Euston

The Canterbury Tornado 1, 15 May 2010[edit]

  • The first of three Tornado tours in 2012 billed as the The Canterbury Tornado on 15 May, 31 May and 12 June 2010, all so named as they all called at Canterbury. This first tour started in Bristol hauled by a diesel locomotive, with Tornado taking over near Acton Main Line, before continuing to Sevenoaks, Canterbury, Dover, back to Sevenoaks and finally terminating at London Victoria. The second tour was to be Tornado hauled out and back from Victoria, but was cut short when Tornado failed at Canterbury. The thrid tour was to run from Poole behind a diesel, with Tornado running out and back from Victoria, but this tour was cancelled due to Tornado's unavailability.

The Cumbrian Coast Tornado, 14 April 2010[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 1 March 2010[edit]

Cathedrals Express, 14 February 2010[edit]

As with the 2009 day, two Valentines Day Special tours out of London were planned for 2010. The daytime tour this time started and finished at London Paddington, with a meandering route that reached Salisbury. The evening tour however, due to be from London Waterloo taking in Guildford, was cancelled.

The Thames Tornado, 7 November 2009[edit]

Crewe-Barrow Hill, 11 October 2009[edit]

The Cumbrian Mountain Tornado, 10 October 2009[edit]

The Waverley, 3 October 2009[edit]

  • York-Settle-Carlisle and back

Cathedrals Express, 26 September 2009[edit]

  • Kings Cross to York and back

Cathedrals Express, 13 September 2009[edit]

  • London Waterloo-Honiton-Exeter-Bristol-Salisbury-Clapham Jc

The Winton Train, 4 September 2009[edit]

Tornado hauled the final British leg from Harwich to London Liverpool Street, as part of the pan-European commemorative Winton Train retracing a historic 1939 rail journey from Prague, Czechoslovakia to London, England

Cathedrals Express, 15 August 2009[edit]

  • Victoria-Redhill-Ashford-Ramsgate-Victoria

The Tamar Tornado, 8 August 2009[edit]

  • Bristol-Plymouth-Bristol

The Towy Tornado, 25 July 2009[edit]

Torbay Express, 2009[edit]

Tornado hauling several turns for the 2009 Torbay Express


9 August[edit]

2 August[edit]

19 July[edit]

12 July[edit]

5 July[edit]

London to Birmingham, 22 June 2009[edit]

A light engine positioning move from Acton depot to Tyseley works

Cathedrals Express, 21 June 2009[edit]

  • 21 June 2009 saw Tornado perform two Cathedrals Express tours starting and finishing in London, a daytime tour using Waterloo, taking in Woking, Winchester and Guildford, followed by an evening tour using Victoria, via Sittingbourne, Ramsgate, Dover and Sevenoaks.

Cathedrals Express, 18 June 2009[edit]

  • Minehead to London Victoria

London Victoria[edit]

Severn Coast Express, 30 May 2009[edit]

  • Tornado sections: Trip 1, Gloucester - Cardiff - Bristol; Trip 2: Bristol - Minehead

York - Bescot 29 May 2009[edit]

Millerhill Yard to Tyne Yard, 26 April 2009[edit]

  • On 26 April 2009 Tornado hauled the empty coaching stock from the previous day's Cathedrals Express special charter for the Top Gear Race from Millerhill Yard which is south of Edinburgh, to Tyne Yard, which is south of Newcastle

Top Gear Race 25 April 2009[edit]

On 25 April Tornado hauled a private charter train from London King's Cross to Edinburgh Waverley, carrying the headboard for a Cathedrals Express journey, and barring the maroon support coach at the front, was formed from a uniform rake of nine Royal Scot blood and custard coaches.

The trip was filmed by the BBC for a Top Gear Race, with James May in a vintage Jaguar and Richard Hammond on a classic motorbike, racing Jeremy Clarkson on the train, but with the car and bike only allowed to use A roads.

Tornado was booked to leave London at 07.25 BST and arrive in Edinburgh at 15.27 BST. Booked times. Tornado actually arrived slightly late, due to signaller allowing a slower train to run in front of it, costing Jeremy Clarkson the race.

Yorkshire Pullman 18 April 2009[edit]

See also VSOE British Pullman carriages, 18 April 2009

On 18 April 2009, Tornado hauled her first luxury pullman train. In a tour promoted by the A1 Trust itself and branded The Yorkshire Pullman, it used 12 of the pullman carriages owned by the Venice-Simplon Orient Express for a DB Schenker operated train that ran non-stop run from London Kings Cross to York and back. See VSOE British Pullman carriages, 18 April 2009 for images and details of the carriages. The outbound leg departed at 09.18 for an arrival of 14.08, while the return leg departed at 17.06 for an arrival of 21.09. During the stopover in York, the VSOE carriages remained in the station for servicing, while Tornado and her maroon support coach were uncoupled to allow the locomotive to be serviced in the National Railway Museum Great Hall approach track 53°57′40.5″N 1°5′48.88″W / 53.96125°N 1.0969111°W / 53.96125; -1.0969111, before being turned in the engineer's triangle south of the station 53°57′23.52″N 1°5′53.03″W / 53.9565333°N 1.0980639°W / 53.9565333; -1.0980639 so as to couple back onto the carriages in the station facing south for the return journey.

Barrow Hill - London 16 April 2009[edit]

A light engine positioning move from Barrow Hill Roundhouse to Stewarts Lane depot in London

York-Barrow Hill 24 March 2009[edit]

Tornado and support coach made a positioning move from York NRM to Barrow Hill, Chesterfield, in readiness for Tornado headlining their LNER II steam gala on 3/4 April. On the way, Tornado stopped at Sheffield station to take part in the naming of an East Midlands Trains Class 222 "Meridian" high speed diesel electric multiple unit in honour of Tornado.

Sheffield station[edit]


Approaching Darnall railway station tender first, having left Sheffield, en route to Barrow Hill

The Tyne Tornado, 12 March 2009[edit]

Tornado hauled the York-Newcastle-York leg of this tour which ran from Cardiff, 12 March 2009

Tyne Yard[edit]

Between the out and return legs, Tornado was serviced in Tyne Yard

The North Briton, 7 March 2009[edit]

Tornado hauled the southbound leg of this tour from Edinburgh to York on 7 March 2009

Naming Ceremony and Royal Train, 19 February 2009[edit]

After a naming ceremony at York station, Tornado took the Royal Train carrying Prince Charles and his wife to Leeds, returning the empty stock back to York.

Cathedrals Express, 14 February 2009[edit]

Two Valentines Day Special tours out of London, a daytime tour starting and finishing at London Victoria with a meandering route that reached Southampton, and an evening tour doing the same from London Waterloo, taking in Guildford.

Talisman, 7 February 2009[edit]

The maiden A1 Trust Talisman railtour and Tornado's first long distance express and first trip to London, travelling from Darlington to London one way. Unusually, snow covered most of the route all the way to London, see February 2009 Great Britain and Ireland snowfall

Peppercorn Pioneer, 31 January 2009[edit]

The maiden main line passenger journey, The Peppercorn Pioneer, from York to Newcastle and back



Main line testing, 18 November 2008[edit]

National Railway Museum[edit]

English: After running at the GCR, Tornado was based at the National Railway Museum in York, from where she completed three main line certification test runs at up to 75mph, and was then painted in her first full livery at the NRM paint shop, LNER Apple Green with British Railways markings, publicly unveiled on 13 December 2008. Tornado continued to be based behind the scenes at the NRM during her first mainline tours, being put on public display at certain times when possible

Railfest 2012[edit]

11 February 2011[edit]

22 June 2010[edit]

23 January 2010[edit]

15 March 2009[edit]

General views[edit]

Detail views[edit]

21 February 2009[edit]

24 January 2009[edit]

28 December 2008[edit]

13 / 14 December 2008[edit]

23 October 2008[edit]

Barrow Hill Roundhouse 2012[edit]

13 April[edit]

Mid-Hants Railway (Watercress Line), 2011[edit]

30 October 2011[edit]

Barrow Hill Roundhouse 2011[edit]

13 October 2011[edit]

17 September[edit]

Severn Valley Railway 2011[edit]

1 October[edit]

24 September[edit]

West Somerset Railway 2011[edit]

23 June[edit]

26 June[edit]

27 August[edit]

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 2011[edit]

29 May 2011[edit]

31 May[edit]

5 June 2011[edit]

East Lancashire Railway, 2010[edit]

Tornado's first visit to the East Lancashire Railway came in 2010, arriving in the early hours from York on 23 October in time for the 23/24 gala weekend, then running services until 7 November, departing to Hither Green on 9 Nov (the stay having been extended due the postponement of a 3 Nov tour).


24 October[edit]

Barrow Hill Roundhouse, 2010[edit]

16 October[edit]

West Somerset Railway 2010[edit]

8 September[edit]

Shildon Locomotion Museum 2010[edit]

28 April[edit]

Great Central Railway 2010[edit]

8 April[edit]

Mid-Hants Railway (Watercress Line) 2010[edit]

  • Great Southern Steam Gala, 5-7 March 2010

6 March[edit]

Severn Valley Railway 2009[edit]


29 October[edit]

25 October[edit]

24 October[edit]

Tyseley Locomotive Works 2009[edit]

Tornado at Tyseley Locomotive Works in Birmingham, at their 'Tyseley 101' centenary gala weekend, 27/28 June 2009 . While Tornado was built at Darlington Locomotive Works, her frames and were first assembled at Tyseley.

28 June[edit]

West Somerset Railway 2009[edit]

1 June[edit]

2 June[edit]

13 June[edit]

North Yorkshire Moors Railway 2009[edit]

4 May[edit]

9 May[edit]

Barrow Hill Roundhouse 2009[edit]

4 April[edit]

Tornado headlined the 4/5 April 2009 Barrow Hill LNER themed Spring gala

5 April[edit]

Great Central Railway, 2008[edit]

English: Tornado was tested and then ran passenger trains on the Great Central Railway in Loughborough, England, from August to October 2008

4 October[edit]

22 September[edit]

22 August[edit]

Darlington, 2008[edit]

8 August[edit]

English: The last day of public steaming at the A1 Trust's Darlington Locomotive Works before its removal to the Great Central Railway


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Darlington, 2007[edit]

Darlington, 2002-2006[edit]

A1 Locomotive Trust[edit]

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust that built Tornado