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Elements to draw boxes, partially in Unicode 2500-257F Box Drawing

Gmftn scross1.svgGmftn scross6.svgGmftn shor.svgGmftn scross2.svg
Gmftn scross8.svgGmftn scross.svgGmftn shor.svgGmftn scross7.svg
Gmftn sver.svgGmftn sver.svgSolid white.svgGmftn sver.svg    all glyphs are also in Unicode
Gmftn scross3.svgGmftn scross5.svgGmftn shor.svgGmftn scross4.svg

Gmftn dcross1.svgGmftn dcross6.svgGmftn dhor.svgGmftn dcross2.svg    only "┅" and "┇" are also in Unicode
Gmftn dcross8.svgGmftn dcross.svgGmftn dhor.svgGmftn dcross7.svg
Gmftn dver.svgGmftn dver.svgSolid white.svgGmftn dver.svg
Gmftn dcross3.svgGmftn dcross5.svgGmftn dhor.svgGmftn dcross4.svg

This category contains SVG files showing very simple images. To draw uncomplicated graphics by hand seems more adequate than to use an editor, and will result in often dramatic reduction of file size.
For an example, see file Gmftn dcross.svg.


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