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Dansk: Bronzesoldaten, Tallinn, Estland
Deutsch: Bronze-Soldat, Tallinn, Estland
Eesti: Pronkssõdur, Tallinn, Eesti
English: Bronze Soldier, Tallinn, Estonia
Español: Soldado de bronce, Tallin, Estonia
Français: Soldat de bronze, Tallinn, Estonie
Nederlands: Bronzen soldaat, Tallinn, Estland
Norsk bokmål: Bronsesoldat, Tallinn, Estonia
Polski: Brązowy Żołnierz, Tallinn, Estonia
Suomi: Pronssisoturi, Tallinna, Viro
Svenska: Bronssoldaten, Tallinn, Estland
Русский: Бронзовый солдат, Таллин, Эстония
Українська: Бронзовий солдат, Таллін, Естонія

Copyright Note: The Bronze Soldier monument is copyrighted. Because freedom of panorama in Estonia is not usable for Commons, images in which the monument is shown should not be uploaded unless the monument is de minimis.


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