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Goffinet et al.: DomainEukaryota • RegnumPlantae • PhylumBryophyta • ClassisBryopsida • SubclassisBryidae • OrdoBryales • Familia: Bryaceae
 Vernacular names
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Included genera (for ITIS):
Anomobryum, Brachymenium, Bryum, Epipterygium, Leptobryum, Mielichhoferia, Orthodontium, Plagiobryum, Pohlia, Rhodobryon, Rhodobryum, Roellia
Included genera (for NCBI):
Acidodontium, Anomobryum, Brachymenium, Bryum, Imbribryum, Osculatia, Plagiobryum, Ptychostomum, Rhodobryum, Roellia, Rosulabryum
Included genera (for Tropicos):
Acidodontium, Anisostichium, Anomobryopsis, Anomobryum, Apalodium, Apiocarpa, Argyrobryum, Brachymenium, Bryum, Cladodium, Epipterygium, Erpodiopsis, Gemmabryum, Haplodontium, Helmsia, Hemisynapsium, Imbribryum, Leptobryum, Leptostomopsis, Leptostomum, Macrauchenium, Megalangium, Microphilonotis, Mielichhobryum, Mielichhoferia, Mniobryoides, Mniobryum, Neobryum, Ochiobryum, Orthodontium, Orthodontopsis, Osculatia, Peromnion, Perssonia, Plagiobryoides, Plagiobryum, Pohlia, Pseudopohlia, Ptychostomum, Rhodo-bryum, Rhodobryum, Roellia, Rosulabryum, Schizymenium, Stableria, Synthetodontium, Wollnya
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