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  • Combat and special skill badges are awarded to denote proficiency in performance of duties under hazardous conditions and circumstances of extraordinary hardship as well as special qualifications and successful completion of prescribed courses of training.

Combat and special skill badges of the US Army[edit]

  1. Combat badges of the US Army
    1. Combat Infantryman badge
    2. Combat Medical badge
    3. Combat Action badge
  2. Infantry badges of the US Army
    1. Expert Infantryman badge
    2. Expert Field Medical badge
    3. Pathfinder badge
    4. Air Assault badge
  3. Parachutist badges
    1. Parachutist badge—basic
    2. Senior Parachutist badge
    3. Master Parachutist badge
    4. Parachute Rigger badge
    5. Military Free Fall Parachutist badge
  4. Army Aviator badges
    1. Basic Army Aviator badge.
    2. Senior Army Aviator badge.
    3. Master Army Aviator badge.
    4. Glider badge (rescinded)
  5. Flight Surgeon badges
    1. Basic Flight Surgeon badge.
    2. Senior Flight Surgeon badge.
    3. Master Flight Surgeon badge.
  6. Aviation badges
    1. Basic Aviation badge (formerly Aircraft Crew Member badge)
    2. Senior Aviation badge (formerly Senior Aircraft Crew Member badge)
    3. Master Aviation badge (formerly Master Aircraft Crew Member badge)
  7. Diver badges
    1. Master Diver badge.
    2. First-Class Diver badge.
    3. Salvage Diver badge.
    4. Second-Class Diver badge.
    5. Special Operations Diver badge (formerly Scuba Diver badge).
    6. Special Operations Diving Supervisor badge
  8. Explosive Ordnance Disposal badges
    1. Explosive Ordnance Disposal badge—basic
    2. Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal badge
  9. Driver and Mechanic badge
  10. Nuclear reactor operator badges (rescinded)
  11. Miscellaneous badges


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