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Fuqing(3 C, 2 F)
Lianjiang County(9 F)
Luoyuan(13 F)
Minhou County(2 C, 1 F)
Pingtan County(7 F)
Yongtai(3 F)
Changting County(11 C, 1 F)
Liancheng County(1 C, 1 F)
Shanghang County(3 C, 1 F)
Yongding District, Longyan(6 C, 9 F)
Zhangping(2 F)
Guangze County(3 F)
Jian'ou(6 C, 9 F)
Jianyang, Fujian(11 F)
Shaowu(2 F)
Wuyishan City(11 C, 5 F)
Fu'an(2 F)
Fuding(1 F)
Xiapu(3 C, 12 F)
Anxi County(1 C, 3 F)
Hui'an County(2 C, 8 F)
Jinjiang, Fujian(3 C, 11 F)
Nan'an, Fujian(3 C)
Jiangle County(2 F)
Ninghua County(1 F)
Sha County(1 F)
Taining County(3 F)
Youxi County(2 F)
Haicang District(2 C, 5 F)
Huli District(2 C)
Jimei District(6 C, 4 F)
Tong'an District(5 C, 28 F)
Xiang'an District(2 C, 32 F)
Longhai City(1 C)
Nanjing County(2 C, 1 F)
Pinghe County(3 C)
Zhangpu County(1 C, 1 F)
Longhai City(1 C)
Baijiao Ciji Gong(10 F)


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