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Alternative names
English: Daikoku-ya (Matsuki) Heikichi, Matsuke Heikichi, Matsuki Heikichi, Daikokuya Heikichi, Daikokuya Matsukichi Heikichi
日本語: 大黒屋平吉

Japanese publisher
Publishing house run by:

  • Daikokuya Heikichi I, active from 1764 until death ca. 1825
  • Ichizô Heikichi II, active 1854 - 1865
  • Tsunekichi Heikichi III, active 1865 -
  • Heikichi IV, (1836-91)
  • Heikichi V, (1870-1931)
Location of birth/death 1764 1931
Work location Tokyo

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