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English: The Deletionist is an editor who strictly reads the inclusion rules and who demands full compliance with them. The Deletionist either refuses to acknowledge or narrowly interpets any exceptions to the rules. As they fall further into their delirium, such users may experience extreme unreasonableness in their zeal, for example arguing that despite the fact than an image is actually used it is outside project scope, demanding proof a photograph from 1850 has been published (to qualify for PD-US), arguing that no photograph can qualify as a simple work because the photographer obviously took great care to pose and light the scene (for every photograph, no matter what), and nominating a file for deletion on December 31, even if it enters the public domain in 2 hours. In the final stages of this madness, users will nominate pictures of ordinary-looking buildings for deletion even if there is no artistic quality to them and try to argue that a battlefield photo found on a .mil website was actually taken during a soldier's free time. (This is not a policy or official statement, but the personal opinion of Nard the Bard.)
Français : les suppressionistes

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