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English: The Donner Party (also called the Reed-Donner Party) — a group of American pioneers who set off in a wagon train from Missouri to California in 1846, a journey on the California Trail that usually took about four months.
  • The party was eventually 87 members strong, most of them large family groups and teamsters.
  • After reaching Wyoming, they chose to take the Hastings Cutoff, a route which Lansford Hastings promoted as a shortcut despite having never traveled it. This winding route through the Wasatch Mountains and Great Salt Lake Desert resulted in serious delays, the loss of many of the party's cattle and wagons, and fragmentation of the group into bitter factions.
Esperanto: La Donner-grupo (angle Donner Party) estas nomo de gupo de 87 setlantoj, kiuj en 1846 estis survoje al okcidento de Usono. Ilia gvidanto estis George Donner, elektita la 19-an de julio 1846. (→Donner-grupo)
Français : (→Expédition Donner)


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