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English: Enechema (ἐνήχημα), sometimes apechema (ἀπήχημα), are intonation formulas which are sung by the leader of choir at the beginning in order to indicate the mode (ἦχος) and the intonation of Orthodox chant to the singers of the choir. The abridged form is called "modal signature" and functions like a clef (modal key) within neume notation and its Octoechos system. Its use was imitated by Carolingian cantors in their tonaries.


The diatonic eight modes of the Octoechos[edit]

The two phthorai of the Octoechos[edit]


Papadic enechemata[edit]

Parallage (Solfeggio) diagrams[edit]

Enechemata according to the New Method[edit]

The eight modes of the modern Octoechos[edit]

Nenano echoi[edit]

Nana echoi[edit]

Papadic parallage[edit]

Table for Chrysanthos' monosyllabic parallage[edit]