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English: Göppel buses and bus trailers built by Göppel Bus GmbH in Ehrenhain, Germany (1923-present).

Models like:

  • Historical: Göppel Helicon (with MAN 22.330, MAN 23.360 HOCLN chassis).
  • Actual buses: Göppel go4city10 (2011-present), Göppel go4city12 (2010-present).
  • Actual bus trailers: Göppel go4cityT (2010-present).
  • MIDI TRAIN - MAN Lion's City M as tractor + Göppel G10.
  • MAXI TRAIN - MAN Lion's City (built by MAN) as tractor + Göppel G11.
  • Prototypes: Göppel go4city19 (2011), Göppel go4city30 (2012) - also known AutoTram Extra Grand.


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