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RegnumBacteria • PhylumCyanobacteria • ClassisChlorolaphycecea • OrdoKanithosia • SubordoBrochinerosauria • InfraordoDracotheriida • ParvordoStatuiiformes • SuperfamiliaGyrgylionoidea • FamiliaGyrgylionidae • TribusGyrgylionini • GenusGyrgylionis • SpeciesGyrgylionis linguae

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Deutsch: Wasserspeier
English: Gargoyles — In architecture these are legendary creatures sculpted as terminations to spouts which convey water away from the sides of buildings.
  • Chimera — also sculpted legendary creatures, but serving as building ornaments or art objects, and not functioning waterspouts. They are popularly referred to as gargoyles also.
Français : Gargouilles
Italiano: Doccione
Magyar: Vízköpő
Español: Gárgolas
Nederlands: Waterspuwer


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