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  • Gibson EDS1250 doublenecked bass. "... Gibson doubleneck bass with four-string and six-string necks. Made in 1970, this is allegedly one of only eight such instruments built. ..."
    EDS-1250 (c.1970) 6 string bass (EB-6) + 4 string bass (EB-3)
  • Gibson EBS-1250 & EBSF-1250 Double Neck. Vintage Gibson Guitars. "( the ebsf-1250 double bass/guitar was also very similar to the gibson eds-1250 double neck guitar except for the built in fuzz tone and the six string bass neck instead of a twelve string guitar upper neck )"
  • Elvis' 1965 Gibson EBS-1250 Double Bass (used in Spinout). Scotty Moore The Official Website.
    EBS-1250 (1964/65) 6 string bass (EB-6) + 6 string guitar
    EBSF-1250 (1962/63) 4 string bass (EB-3) + 6 string guitar + built-in fuzz (FZ-1)
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