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English: A Gully or Ravine is an erosion landform created by running surface flow water, resulting in erosion cutting into the soil, creating erosion channels.
  • Often they are formed on hillside slopes, and in natural or constructed drainage swales.
  • Gullies resemble large ditches or small canyons, and can range from one to dozens of meters/yards in depth and width.
  • When gully formation is occurring, the water flow rate can be substantial, accelerating cutting action deeper into the landscape.

Català: Barranc
Deutsch: Erosionsrinne
English: Gully
Español: Barranco (geografía)
Français : Ravine
Hrvatski: Vododerina
עברית: ערוץ
日本語: ガリ(雨裂)
Polski: Wąwóz
Português: Voçoroca
Српски / srpski: Вододерина
Чӑвашла: Çырма


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