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See also: Commons:Requests for checkuser/Indicators. There's more at Image with comment templates; draw from there as needed. Note, though, that not all Wikipedia templates are available on Commons.

{{Strong support}} Symbol strong support vote.svg Strong support
{{I love}} Nuvola apps package favorite.pngSymbol support vote.svg Support (currently banned on COM:FPC)
{{Likely}} Likely
{{Support}} or {{s}} Symbol support vote.svg Support (do not use in Deletion requests)
{{Vote keep}} or {{vk}} Symbol keep vote.svg Keep
{{Strong oppose}} Symbol oppose vote oversat.svg Strong oppose (currently banned on COM:FPC)
{{Declined}} Declined
{{Oversaturated}} Symbol oppose vote oversat.svg Oversaturated
{{Oppose}} or {{o}} Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose (do not use in Deletion requests)
{{Vote delete}} or {{vd}} Symbol delete vote.svg Delete
{{Neutral}} Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral
{{Abstain}} Symbol abstain vote.svg Abstain
{{Unsupport}} Symbol unsupport vote.svg I withdraw my support
{{Withdraw}} Pictogram voting delete.svg I withdraw my nomination
{{Info}} Pictogram voting info.svg Info
{{Question}} Pictogram voting question.svg Question
{{Request}} Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request
{{Comment}} Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment
{{Geo}} Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request Please add a geolocation tag to this image's info page if possible. Thank you.
{{Done}} ✓ Done
{{Not done}}  Not done
{{Confirmed}} Artículo bueno.svg Confirmed
{{Unrelated}} Symbol unrelated.svg Unrelated
{{Fishing}} Checkuser is not for fishing.
{{wtf}} Symbol wtf vote.svg WTF?
{{status}} Status:    In progress
{{status|done}} Status:    Done
{{status|not done}} Status:    Not done
{{status|done|some arbitrary text}} Status:    some arbitrary text
{{status|some arbitrary text}} Status:    some arbitrary text
{{warnsign}} Warning sign Warning
{{warnsign|some arbitrary text}} Warning sign Some arbitrary text
{{warnsign|Warned}} Warning sign Warned
Red x.svg Stale
Yes check.svg Resolved


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