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Info Pages collect together information that would otherwise be repetitiously included on image and category pages.

  • The items on an Info Page consist of distinguishing information about a particular category. The information page is normally not useful for general categories, and nearly always corresponds to a specific person place, thing or event. Eg: Winston Churchill, USS South Dakota (BB-57), or Battle of Midway. Use of Info Pages are not restricted as categories are. If a page would benefit from an additional See also set of links, an editor is free to add an additional Info Page. Up to 6 distinct Info Pages may be expressed in a single line, and an unlimited number of such lines may be used.
  • A default set of information is displayed when an info page is transcluded. However, individual items may be turned on and off, or individually requested.
  • The collection of information within an information template includes:
    • one or two descriptive representative sentences in all major languages to be used as search target text and information on images without descriptions.
    • See also links to external sites, gallery pages and categories that may or may not also categorize the image.
    • interwiki links to encyclopedia articles in all languages
  • See discussion Template talk:More for more info. (Warning- this info has to do with version .03 and needs to be updated. However, it has some use as background information and most functional requirements are the same, though operation and implementation is radically alterred.)
  • Info templates are a work in progress, with an evolving format. These are templates that include information that it is useful for navigational, internet search, and quick information purposes to include in situ on a particular page. For detailed information see Template talk:More. (Warning- dated document- see warning above)
  • All Template functions and pages listed here are version .04. Old templates formats compatible with Endnote and Include_notes and More Master templates are obsolete and may be found in Category:Info Pages-Obsolete. They shall be converted over shortly.

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