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English: Jing Hao (, also known as Hongguzi) (c. 855-915) was a Chinese landscape painter and theorist of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period in Northern China. As an artist, he is often cited along with his pupil, Guan Tong, as one of the most critical figures in the development of the style of monumental landscape painting which appeared near the end of the Five Dynasties period. Later this style would come to be known as the Northern Landscape style; it strongly influenced the tradition of Northern Song painters. As a theorist, he is the person most responsible for codifying the theories underlying the work of later painters, and his treatises on painting and aesthetics continued to serve as textbooks for Northern Song artists more than a century after his death. (→Jing Hao)
Français : Jing Hao ou ching Hao ou King Hao, surnom: Haoran, nom de pinceau: Hongguzi, originaire de la province du Henan. . Peintre. Chinois. (→Jing Hao)
日本語: 荊浩(けい こう、 生没年不詳)は、末・五代後梁の山水画家である。は浩然。山西沁水出身。華北山水の祖とされる。中原の混乱を避け、太行山中の行谷(河南省林州)に隠れ住んだといわれる。唐代において発展を遂げた、華北の呉道玄の筆線と、江南の項容の水墨による山水画表現を統合し、以降の華北山水画隆盛の基礎を作り上げたと考えられる(『宣和画譜』1120年序)。自身の画論を記した『筆法記』を残す。 (→荊浩)
Русский: Цзин Хао (Хао-жань, Хун-Гу) (; ок. 855915) — китайский художник и теоретик живописи периода Удай. Работал в основном в конце IX века. (→Цзин Хао)
Українська: Цзін Хао (* 855 — †915) — відомий китайський художник часів династії Тан та епохи П'яти династій. (→Цзін Хао)
中文: 荆浩(生卒年不详), 字浩然山西沁水人。中国五代后梁画家。是中国画史的重要代表人物之一,在山水画发展过程中具有重要影响,他开创了北方山水画派,与他的弟子关仝在画史上合称“荆关山水”。 (→荆浩)

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