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(ar) خريطة كارنو فايتش · (de) Karnaugh-Veitch-Diagramm · (es) Mapa de Karnaugh · (et) Karnaugh' kaart · (fr) Table de Karnaugh · (gl) Mapa de Karnaugh · (he) מפת קרנו · (it) Mappa di Karnaugh · (ja) カルノー図 · (nl) Karnaugh-diagram · (pl) Metoda Karnaugh · (pt) Mapa de Karnaugh · (ro) Diagramă Karnaugh · (sr) Карноова карта · (sv) Karnaughdiagram · (zh) 卡诺图 · +/−

The Karnaugh map, also known as a Veitch diagram (KV-map or K-map for short), is a tool to facilitate the simplification of Boolean algebra IC expressions. The Karnaugh map reduces the need for extensive calculations by taking advantage of human pattern-recognition and permitting the rapid identification and elimination of potential race hazards.


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