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English: This illuminated and illustrated manuscript, Walters manuscript W.623, contains the Khamsah (quintet) and two historical poems (masnavi), Qiran-i sa'dayn and Nuh sipihr, by Amir Khusraw Dihlavi (died 725 AH/AD 1325). The codex is dated 1017 AH/AD 1609 and was produced in Safavid Iran. All texts are written in black Nasta'liq script with chapter headings in red. The manuscript opens with an illuminated and illustrated frontispiece of a hunting and court scene in the early Safavid style (fols. 1b-2a). The first text is Khamsah-i Dihlavi (fols. 2b-192a), which is introduced by an illuminated incipit and titlepiece with the title of the first poem of the quintet and the author's name. The second text is Qiran-i sa'dayn, a historical poem (masnavi) about the meeting of Sultan Mu'izz al-Din Kayqubad and his father, Nasir al-Din Bughra Khan, on the banks of the Sarju in Oudh. It is also introduced with an illuminated incipit and titlepiece (fol. 193b). The third text is Nuh sipihr, a historical poem (masnavi) describing the glories of Sultan Qu?b al-Din Mubarak Shah Khalji's time, introduced with an illuminated incipit and headpiece (fol. 223b). The dark brown leather binding is original to the manuscript.