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English: Arriva won the contract to operate route 337, from 29 May 2004, replacing London United. Their successful tender was based on operating the route from Wandsworth garage, which was closer than the one used by United in Hounslow (using VA and VP class buses from July 2000). At the time however, Wandsworth was not owned by either of their main subsidiaries, Arriva London North Ltd or Arriva London South Ltd, but was instead the base for their tour bus operations, through the subsidiary The Original London Sightseeing Tour Ltd. To distinguish it from North/South, the name Arriva Wandsworth was used to distinguish the successful bidder. The buses used on the route wore the same standard Arriva London livery already in use on North/South buses, although a notable difference was the use of letter based running number cards. Initially the buses used were brand new DW class examples delivered to the Original Tour subsidiary, but after just a few months these were transferred to Brixton (Arriva South), being replaced by new VLA class vehicles, also delivered to the Original Tour company. After completion of the initial 7-year term (5 year basic term, plus the standard 2 year extension for good performance), on re-tendering the contract was awarded to London General, using new E class buses from 28 May 2011 out of Stockwell garage. The redundant VLA buses appear to have been transferred to Arriva London South for use on routes 2 and 176.

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