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Curly Brackets.svg This category is used for categorizing templates.
It should not contain media files or pages outside the template namespace.

This category contains templates used to express opinions in polls, deletion discussions, and for other purposes on talk pages.

This category should only contain English templates. Non-English templates should be converted into redirects to the equivalent English template, and tagged with {{Redirect from translated template name}} (example: {{Hecho}}).

  • Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request Please login, anonymous votes will not be counted. Thank you. - {{NoAnonymous}}
  • Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request As a courtesy to the nominator, please explain why you have voted your opposition to the promotion of this image. Note that the voting instructions request that you provide an explanation for votes of opposition. Thank you. - {{ExplainVote}}
  • Pictogram voting question-blue.svg Request Please add a geolocation tag to this image's info page if possible. Thank you. - {{AddGeolocation}}