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While it is often said that trance music was developed in Germany in the 1990s, historically, trance music can be traced back to religious roots emanating from a spiritual state of mind reminiscent of shamanism and elements of bhuddism. With this in mind, it's very important that trance age in aggregate can be estimated as hundreds and thousands years.

The actual sound of contemporary trance, however, was born as early as 1990 in Germany, and through pioneering trance labels like Dragonfly the sound started to take on a slightly more mainstream appeal during the later 90's. Goa and Psy-trance are arguably older, with their characteristic sounds purportedly emerging in Israel and India. The repetitive nature of much of the early trance tracks provided club-goers with the ideal chance to immerse themselves in a new style of music after a period of relative quiet on what had been termed the "dance" scene.

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