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Provisional stamps and postal stationery are usually a temporary measure, issued to meet postal demands until new or regular stocks can be obtained. During the early years of Ukraine's independence, from 1992 to 1995, there were several reasons why this was necessary:

  • Rising inflation during these changing times made it hard to fix postal rates.
  • Many old Soviet pre-stamped envelopes were still on stock, and these now needed addditional postage.
  • Regular mint stamps of the newly independent Ukraine were in short supply.

Surcharges were made on both Soviet and Ukrainian stamps and postal stationery. Ukrainian postal authorities overprinted soviet stamps with the national trident symbol and a new value. Surcharges on envelopes were made by manuscript and ink handstamps. Provisional stamps were also created, often looking like meter stamps, which were cut from strips and glued onto envelopes.

Different postal districts came up with different markings. As a result, a wide variety of provisional stamps and postal markings appeared during the first four years of independent Ukraine's postal history.


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