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(ar) إدارة المخاطر · (bg) Управление на риска · (da) Risikostyring · (de) Risikomanagement · (es) Manejo de riesgos · (fr) Gestion du risque · (he) ניהול סיכונים · (hu) Kockázatkezelés · (id) Manajemen risiko · (it) Gestione del rischio · (ja) リスクマネジメント · (nl) Risicomanagement · (no) Risikostyring · (ru) Риск-менеджмент · (th) การจัดการความเสี่ยง · (zh) 风险管理 · +/−

Risk management is a structured approach to managing uncertainty related to a threat, a sequence of human activities including: risk assessment, strategies development to manage it, and mitigation of risk using managerial resources.


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