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English: The British Rail Class 373 train is an electric multiple unit which operates the Eurostar service from London Waterloo to France and Belgium. The train is essentially a long TGV, modified for use in the United Kingdom and in the Channel Tunnel. Differences include the smaller cross-section, to fit within the constrictive British loading gauge; British-designed asynchronous traction motors; and extensive fireproofing in case of fire in the tunnel. Class 373 is its allocation under the TOPS classification system in use in the United Kingdom. In France, it is known as the series 373000 TGV.
  • TGV TMST number 3001 to 3022 from EUKL takes (category:British Rail Class 373)
  • TGV TMST number 3101 to 3108 from SNCB takes (category:SNCB TGV TMST)
  • TGV TMST number 3201 to 3232 from SNCF takes (category:SNCF TGV TMST)
  • TGV TMST NOL number 3301 to 3314 from EUKL takes (category:British Rail Class 373)
  • TGV TMST no identify takes (category:TGV TMST)

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