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This category is used for categorizing templates.
It should not contain media files or pages outside the template namespace.

English: Templates for marking SVG with the software used.
May be transcluded by the template {{Image generation}} with the letter shown in column "I".
icon template
Created with…
main category
Created with…
n c I s files
Adobe Illustrator Icon (CS6).svg Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator A 3 25,968
Anti Illustrator logo.svg Adobe-hand Adobe-hand 5 51
Ambox globe.svg ArcMap ArcMap n 2 0
AsymptoteLogo.svg Asymptote Asymptote n c 3 0
Batik alt.svg Batik Batik 1 0
Bin2svg logo.svg bin2svg bin2svg 1 0
Bkchem48.png BKchem BKchem B 1 0
Chemdraw logo.svg ChemDraw ChemDraw C 1 312
Corel logo.svg CorelDRAW CorelDRAW D 1 422
Dia.svg Dia Dia 1 25
BJT NPN symbol (case, unlabelled).svg ElCompLib electrical symbols library E 1 159
Elki logo.jpg ELKI ELKI 2 0
Gnome-mime-image-x-xfig.png Fig2SVG Fig2SVG F 1 249
Free Mind.png Freemind Freemind n 2 27
Created with GeoGebra-logo.svg GeoGebra GeoGebra n 2 1
Gnumeric.svg Gnumeric Gnumeric n 2 532
Lissajous small.svg Gnuplot Gnuplot n c G 4 1,053
Logo of Google Drive.svg Google Drive Google Drive 1 0
Beziehung Graphviz.svg Graphviz Graphviz c 3 0
Inkscape-small.svg Inkscape Inkscape I 7 57,446
Anti-Inkscape.svg Inkscape-hand Inkscape-hand H 6 693
Inkscape-yes.svg Inkscape-extract Inkscape-extract X 1 0
LibreofficeLogo.png LibreOffice LibreOffice n c L 5 240
Matlab Logo.png MATLAB MATLAB n c 6 29
Created with Matplotlib-logo.svg Matplotlib Matplotlib n c 4 98
Mplwp logo.svg mplwp mplwp c 2 0
Metapost-icon.svg MetaPost MetaPost n c M 3 20 2 icon small.svg n 1 43
SVG Simple Icon.svg Other tool Other tools n c O 2 0
PHP-logo.svg PHP PHP 1 0
Pstoeditlogo-large.png Pstoedit pstoedit P 0 174
Python-logo-notext.svg Python Python n c 3 30
QGIS logo.svg QGIS QGIS n Q 1 1,508
R logo.svg R R n c R 5 442
Scribus logo.svg Scribus Scribus n 2 0
Sodipodi-logo squirrel.svg Sodipodi Sodipodi S 1 0
SVG-edit logo.svg SVG-edit SVG-edit 1 0
Notepad icon wide.svg Text Editor Text Editor T 4 0
SVG Simple Icon.svg Unknown SVG facility Other tools U 2 0
Vimlogo.svg Vim Vim V 1 0

All the Templates "Created with ..." in this table are similar
in their parameter equipment for marking SVG files.

The Main Category "Created with ..." should always be a meta category,
containing at least two subcategories but no files directly.

Subcategories are at least

0   "Valid SVG created with ..."
0   "Invalid SVG created with ..."

and may contain itself further subcategories, e.g. when

0 n: also non-SVG files can be created with
0 c: the file description displays the source code

The Files count in the meta category should always be zero.
Using the template always with either parameter "v" or "err= "
will care for proper diffusion into the subcategories
instead of unqualified crowding the main category.

Subcategories structure (provided by the templates)
Created with ... 000 (Metacat)
WW Valid SVG created with ...
WWWW Valid SVG created with ... code
WW Invalid SVG created with ...
WWWW Invalid SVG created with ... code
WW PNG created with ...
WWWW PNG created with ... code
WW Created with ... code 000 (Metacat)
WWWW Valid SVG created with ... code
WWWW Invalid SVG created with ... code
WWWW PNG created with ... code

When codes are displayed, their syntax can be specified:

code2 - title2 - syntax2 - format3 - collapse2
code2 - title2 - syntax2 - format2 - collapse2
code3 - title3 - syntax3 - format3 - collapse3