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English: The South East London & Kent Bus Company Ltd is a London bus operator that was incorporated on 14 December 1988 as part of the splitting up of London Buses Ltd, which was one of the stages in the process of privatisation of London bus services. As a London Buses subsidiary, it adopted the brand name of Selkent alongside a logo representing a hop plant, which appeared on buses in addition to the uniform branding already being used by London Buses before the split. The company was fully privatised in September 1994 when it was sold to the Stagecoach Group. At the same time, Stagecoach also purchased the neighbouring East London Bus & Coach Company Ltd (East London). Selkent's buses were intially rebranded into a red version of the Stagecoach corporate livery, retaining the Selkent name but in a white striped Stagecoach logo, dropping the hop device. When the second Stagecoach corporate livery emerged, buses were repainted into its red London variant, which in common with East London saw the dropping of the Selkent name altogether in favour of the generic Stagecoach fleetname and 'in London' strapline. On 23 June 2006 the company became part of the newly formed East London Bus Group, created when Stagecoach sold its London operations to Macquarie Bank. The ELBG resurrected the individual company identities, which for Selkent involved restoring the Selkent name in a larger typeface and with larger version of the hops logo. On 15 October 2010 the ELBG was sold back to Stagecoach, leading to buses being rebranded back into a uniform Stagecoach London livery.


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