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Flag of the Armed Forces of Russia

Nikolai Nikolaevich Yudenich (Никола́й Никола́евич Юде́нич) (July 30 [O.S. July 18], 1862 – October 5, 1933), was a commander of the Russian Imperial Army during World War I. He was a leader of the anti-communist White movement in Northwestern Russia during the Civil War. Like the other White Generals Wrangel, Denikin, Miller, and Bermondt-Avalov the Northwest Army issued stamps. Imperial Russian stamps were overprinted (lithographed) and sold at Pskov for two days on 1 and 2 August 1919.

In August 1919, under pressure from the British government, in order to issue a legally binding guarantee of the independence of ally Estonia, Yudenich created the counterrevolutionary 'Northwestern Government', which included Monarchists, Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks. Yudenich served as Minister of War. In the autumn of 1919, he masterminded the Whites’ advance to the outskirts of Petrograd. However, Trotsky pushed his forces back into Estonia where they were interned before being disbanded in 1920. On January 28, 1920 General Bułak-Bałachowicz, together with the Estonian Police, arrested Yudenich.

  • Dates: 1919, August 1 – October 15
  • Currency: 100 kopeks = 1 Russian ruble

See also:Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War.

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