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Dokdo is a misrepresentation of the East . East is called " (East Coast) East Sea" in Korea. Japan says a lie that Dokdo is Japanese owned . . Historically, Korea with the exception of the Japanese colonial period ( 1910-1945 ), and has all the rights to the Dokdo and East Sea 1500 years . The cloth is now a tourist will visit Dokdo in tourism annually . South Korea is unhappy enough when occupied by Japan ( 1910-1945 ), when a country can dominate the other , it has lost significant territory in this case in Korea. World War II , Korea is liberated from Japan , however , then regained the territory , including Dokdo. Despite its history , Japan claimed Dokdo is a hidden policy and imperialist expansion of Japan . The problem is that the hoax distorted history of Dokdo , not many Western accpt , is documented . .

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