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English: This work consists of two measuring instruments; a theodolite and an engineer's level, reproduced twenty times life size, standing approximately six metres tall. Made from stainless steel and supported on animal feet, this work is visible for many miles and stands as a monument to the history of the area and a prominent mile marker for the C2C cycle route. The animal feet that hold these instruments aloft were inspired by symbolic heraldry found on shields, coats of arms, plaques and similar items associated with land and ownership. Included are a bird of prey, a horse lion, crocodile, cow and a primate's hand. Cast in solid stainless steel, from originals carved by Tony Cragg, these large feet are both beautiful and at the same time, daunting. The work sited at Consett, marks the watershed between the upland / moorland landscape and the extremes of the Industrial Age. Built on the Stanhope and Tyne Railway - the earliest commercial railway in Britain - Terris Novalis marks what was once Europe's largest steel works. Local people see this landmark as a monument to the scale of local industry and its demise - the tragedy that has followed.

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