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Date 13/12/2011 Max New York Life Insurance co ltd Max House, 1 Dr, Jha Marg Okhala, New Delhi-110 020 Subject: - Regarding policy No 855034559 of Max New York life Insurance. Dear Sir,

This is the reminder of closing the policy made by cheated indirectly by the MNY company. Cheated peoples are working for the company. I have got two letters from MNY co. simultaneously 21 Nov and 6 Dec that First Mr.Bhanu Pratap Sing is investing the case and he will come back you within 7 day and second one Ms.Deepti Agrawal is investing the case and will back within 7 days. I think there no mining of this letter nobody is contacting me. One month is over I do not want your policy. Please refund the premium payment at the earliest. I am going for legal action against MNY Life Insurance co. and Indian infoline.

Thanking you. Your’s sincerely Regards

Babaulal Mukati 59, Shantinagar Manoramaganj Indore. M 9425077624