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Old municipality, new municipality and area[edit]

The former content of the category was not moved, which means it will soon be very hard to separate images from the area of the former municipality and images of other parts of the new municipality (called Väståboland the first three years of its existence). Something should be done quickly, probably moving the old images to Category:Pargas (1948–2008). "Pargas (former municipality)" is problematic, as the new one may also become a former one.

What is unclear is how to treat new images of the old area. They are not from the former municipality, but should have a subcategory, like Category:Nagu & al. I think the municipality hasn't yet decided what to call this part of it (or will it simply be Pargas, just to have total confusion?).

--LPfi (talk) 12:45, 5 January 2012 (UTC)