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I suggest an harmonisation in the naming of Sasanian/Sassanid-related categories. Is is, we use 'Sassanid', 'Sasanian', and 'Sassanians'. It's very confusing. Some elements I could gather:

  • 'Sassanid' seems to be used consistently on en: (at least for en:Sassanid Empire, en:Sassanid music and en:Sassanid architecture).
  • 'Sasanian' is used almost consistently by the British Museum (some occurrences of 'Sassanian', very few occurrences of 'Sassanid') and by the Metropolitan Museum (some occurrences of 'Sassanian', no occurrence of 'Sassanid' at all).
  • 'Sassanian' seems to be an older form, not very much in use today.

Thoughts? Jastrow (Λέγετε) 14:50, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

The Cambridge History of Iran, The Cambridge History of Byzantium, and "Encyclopaedia Iranica" also use 'Sasanian'. A search on Google Books yield 283,000 results for 'Sasanian', including recent academic books; there are 102,000 results for 'Sassanid', most of them reprints of older books. Similarly, there are 348 hits for 'Sasanian' on the website of the University of Oxford, versus 42 for 'Sassanid'; 756 v 45 for the University of Cambridge. Also WP:en isn't completely consistent, see for instance en:Sasanian glassJastrow (Λέγετε) 18:16, 1 April 2012 (UTC) 
You are quite right, I just tought Sassanid may be better because it is used more than other forms on English Wikipedia. I'm agree with Sasanian. --Z 18:40, 1 April 2012 (UTC)