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The entire subject of the physical is ensconced in a greater detail than even meets the eye.

As the study of physics has shown, which is balanced in unique, albeit similar views as is expressed by her sister sciences, there is more to be seen than meets the eye.

Natural every day laws that enable man to live and exist are replicated in gargantuan proportions by the spectacle which is displayed by the accuracy of predictable outcomes of events that govern the laws of which the entire universe is balanced.

The GAGUT school of thought lends credence to the fact that only an individual event is responsible for the series of events that unfolded after the remote beginnings of solid matter. An application thus ensures that these events are even today experienced if only with the reported continual expanse of the universe in all it's entirety.

That matter continue to exist amidst anti-matter. Even in the recent discoveries about the existence and effects of dark-matter, contributing in the entire network of actions and reactions that permeate the entirety of physical mans existence.

Closer home, a realisation as to the perfection of physics which has been the sole aim of the fathers of the science is neccessitated. That the study at the end of the day consolidates the reason for it's existence. The physical is for the benefit of mankind, it is to our undoing that we be seen to deplete it.

As the solids are often not in a permanent state, it presupposes that the Physical thus becomes transient.

An appropriate term for the description of the opposition to the concept of transient is as good a point where this discourse concludes.