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Hello. I am trying to get hold of the Dr. Vijay Mallya. I learnt recently that he bought at an auction many belongings of the great MK Gandi, Mahatma Gandhi. I am a South African Indian, family here for 130 years already. We have strong ties with Mahatma Gandhi. My Grandfather (Amod Bayat 1857-1934) rescued the Great Mahatma when he was thrown off the train at PMB TRain DStation, this marked the beginning of the world famous Passive Resistance campaign, I think also known as Sattya Graha. I am Muslim. We are looking for further info re mY GRANDPA AND gANDHIjI'S RELATIONSHIP. WE have an original scroll that was presented to Amod Bayat in 1926 in appreciation for the work he had done for the Indian community in SA, and for starting the Natal Indian Congress with Mahahtma, and thanking him for holding chairmanship for numerous years incl years during his failing health. We are proud of this and would like to share this with others, locally it has been done already, we want the world to know these facts that for instance, had Amod Bayat not rescued Mahatma and taken him home where he stayed for several days and returned several years later for a second stay,there is no telling what the condition of Indians worldwide would have been like, hopefully not much worse.

More to be added. We looking for details of the items of the auction to see if any items may be linked to Amod Bayat. Thank you.

Warm Regards

YUnus Bayat, P.M.Burg, South Africa