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Dear WikiMedia ists,

I am taking part in the NASA Hackathon, being held world, and space, wide 21-22 April 2012. I hope to introduce into Wikimedia ALL of the internationally agreed weather symbols used by professional meteorologists and others. Currently there are probably 400 in total and only about 150 are currently uploaded.

I hope to introduce a meaningful file naming convention which could be used by ontologies etc.

I intend that the symbols are all SVG, with PNG fallbacks.

As the symbols have been internationally agreed in at least 189 countries, by the World Meteorological Organisation, for at least 30 years, and in many cases at least 60 years, and have well defined semantics, so the IPR will be reasonably loose

The existing 150 (WMO) symbols already in Wikimedia are stated as non-copyrightable, which may be correct, but WMO is the 'owner' and maintainer of these symbols, but wishes to make them widely and freely available for appropriate use.

Any advice, assistance or comments are welcome. Chris