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It's not a bug... it's a beetle!!

This is a record of bugs that significantly affect the performance or usability of the Commons. Bugs that are fixed should be removed from this list.

Note that voting for bugs does not directly influence the priority scale for developers. A vote is more like a "Watch this" in bugzilla. So that you can follow bugs you find most important via the search list "Bugs I voted on". Developers primarily prioritize bugs by severity, importance and milestone. By voting and/or adding yourself to the "CC" you will receive email updates whenever someone makes a change to the ticket or leaves a comment on it. "Advocating" for bugs, by posting comments on Bugzilla that effectively just say "I also want this fixed" or "This is really very important", is discouraged by the developers. It e-mails everyone watching the bug (possibly dozens of people or more) and comments can't be deleted. Bugs with lots of such comments make it hard to find useful information later on. Posting technical descriptions that may solve the problem and patches are extremely welcome on Bugzilla.



  • bugzilla:3498: Image history is confusing. About the difference between the upload history (listed at the bottom of the image page) and the image page history (listed under the "history" tab like all regular pages).
  • bugzilla:4421: Image extension should not be part of the name.
  • bugzilla:6220: Shared repositories support for Special:WantedFiles
  • bugzilla:17505 - No High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) file formats allowed on Commons
  • bugzilla:24854 - Black/striped thumbnails of CMYK JPEGs fixed (but size of thumbnails is still huge)

Image rendering problems[edit]

A surprisingly serene Bug.

Problems with SVGs not rendering at all, or rendering incorrectly, are frequent. Here are some general tips to try:

  • If you use Adobe Illustrator editor, try opening your file in Inkscape and saving as a "plain SVG" before uploading.
  • Using rsvg-view will give you the same output as MediaWiki's rendering (in theory). This can be useful when Firefox etc render your image correctly but MediaWiki doesn't.
  • bugzilla:4688: Allowing tag Image to access SVG layers. This issue has infinite uses. We at pt: have an SVG map where we store everything, from rivers to municipalities. We could choose on the fly which ones to render.
  • bugzilla:5402: Image URLs containing "/ad/" trigger some ad blocking filters. Although this is marked WONTFIX, it is worth listing here because it still causes problems. If you find a random image won't load no matter what you do, and all other images are fine, try to check the exact URL. If this is the problem, you need to adjust your ad blocking software. Use of this subdirectory is likely to be avoided in the future but existing affected images are not likely to be changed.

Media (audio, video, documents)[edit]


  • bugzilla:167: Metadata (interwiki & category links) should be stored outside the article text. (see #In relation to other Wikimedia projects)
  • bugzilla:1710: Ability to watch all articles in a category. "Watching" a category would mean you were alerted when items were added to or removed from the category, as well as when the category page itself was actually changed.
  • bugzilla:2725: View list of articles in subcategories all on one page. (Or images, say.)
  • bugzilla:3311: Automatic category redirects. Category redirect only redirected the category *itself*, but not the articles categorized in the category. If this was implemented, we would be able to have multilingual categories (at the moment we self-restrict to English only to try and avoid chaos): images placed in Category:Maus, Category:Mouse and Category:Mysz would all be available together.
    • Duplicate: bugzilla:8685: Support moving categories (relies on 3311, automatic category redirects)
  • bugzilla:5346: make category redirects appear as different coloured links. For example, green. Then users would be alerted that something undesirable had happened in that category (for example, if you put an image in Category:Cars, there is no way to know without checking that it should actually be in Category:Automobiles). Temporary desirable work-around for bugzilla:3311.
  • bugzilla:17955 - Show end of image names in categories (Currently available via gadget "Long Image Names in Categories")
  • bugzilla:21795 - Camera categories: parse category and switch in mediawiki namespace
  • bugzilla:28569 - Create a userright allowing to move pages in category namespace (without moving category members) - i.e. categorymove right, parallel to filemove


An example captcha for "smwm".
  • bugzilla:1495: Undefined messages in user language don't fall back to MediaWiki: customizations
  • bugzilla:2592 - E-mail notifications (enotifs) are not sent in the recipient's user interface language
  • bugzilla:3665: PATCH: auto-detect interface language for anonymous users. User:Duesentrieb's proposed solution so that anonymous users can easily sign up in their language (according to their browser settings).
  • bugzilla:5309: Localize captcha images. At the moment captcha images use letters from the Roman alphabet. For people who do not speak a language that uses this kind of alphabet, captchas can be extremely confusing.
  • bugzilla:8287: Enable multilingual extension in Commons. This extension just works (TM) would finally solve the i18n of our license, maintenane, whatever templates without any painfull and often not working Javascript hacks.
  • Bugzilla:16052: Allow multilingual SVGs
  • bugzilla:29928: show translated titles per user language



see also: Commons:Requests for comment/improving search


In relation to other Wikimedia projects[edit]

  • bugzilla:167: Metadata (interwiki & category links) should be stored outside the article text. Interwikis are used heavily on categories and gallery pages. Storing them outside the article text would mean that when an article is written in a new language, it only has to be added to one list, once, instead of dozens of lists dozens of times.
  • bugzilla:1552: Upload to Commons from any Wikimedia website
  • bugzilla:5283: Moving media files to Commons ought to be much easier, automatic (workaround)
  • bugzilla:5995: Block local description edits for Commons images. Apparently some wikis translate image captions at their wiki's local "fake" copy, instead of putting the translation on the Commons page. Whether or not this is a desirable thing is a matter of opinion.
  • bugzilla:14801 - Global deleted image review for Commons admins
  • bugzilla:14888 - Special page to list name collisions with shared upload repository
  • bugzilla:14919 - Enable Upload by URL for admins on Commons (to support transfer from WMF wikis to Commons) - waiting for bugzilla:20512 (enable Upload by URL)
  • bugzilla:18752 - Show categorization on shared repository on local file page.
  • bugzilla:23133 - Write and implement Commons upload blacklist feature for Main Pages and other special pages
  • bugzilla:23830 - Warn when filename on shared repo clashes with a local repo file
  • bugzilla:26525 - A commons image should have an edit tab going directly to the Commons page
  • bugzilla:29803 - Case sensitivity and GlobalUsage
  • bugzilla:30239 - Allow searching of only local hosted files

File naming[edit]

  • Bugzilla:28299 - An image redirect from a foreign File Repo overrides local wiki page. (i.e. when files are renamed on Commons and there is a file of the same name on a local wiki, the rename will cause the Commons file to suddenly override the local one).
  • Bugzilla:35721 - Moving files breaks hotlinks (i.e. direct uses of the file via, per COM:REUSE#Hotlinking).
  • Bugzilla:42582 - Cache of pages on other wikis using the file after moving through a redirect is not purged leading to empty images/ missing images. Usually CommonsDelinker replaces usage but the bot has to be instructed and it has to work. “Historically the old URLs for files may have taken longer before they got killed out of squid cache“ but now immediately after moving the file is not displayed.


  • bugzilla:7866 - Allow downloading multiple image files in a compressed archive
  • Bugzilla:9666 - External link syntax which adds rel="license" (make search engines understand Commons' licensing)
  • bugzilla:30915 - Global option to add a "my uploads" link to Special:MyUploads at the top right next to "my contributions"

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