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It's not a bug... it's a beetle!!

Bugs are tracked in Phabricator. Before reporting a bug, please read the how to. Developers primarily prioritize bugs by severity and importance. By adding yourself to the bugs's subscribers you will receive email updates whenever someone makes a change to the ticket or leaves a comment on it. "Advocating" for bugs, by posting comments on Phabricator that effectively just say "I also want this fixed" or "This is really very important", is discouraged by the developers. It sends notifications to everyone watching the bug (possibly dozens of people or more) and comments cannot be fullt deleted. Bugs with lots of such comments make it hard to find useful information later on. Posting technical descriptions that may solve the problem and patches are extremely welcome on Phabricator.

Commons related bugs[edit]

On #wikimedia-commons-tech webchat a bot is reporting changes on commons related bugs.

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