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Category:Dove with olive branch[edit]

Here is too much merged into one. The parent categories are:

  1. Category:Symbolic doves
  2. Category:olive branches in art
  3. Category:noah's Ark
  4. Category:peace symbols
  5. Category:bird symbols
  6. and file:Attribué à Pierre Gobert, Louise-Élisabeth de France et sa soeur jumelle Henriette de France (vers 1737).jpg may show the dove as a symbol of Innocence and Virtue

I kindly suggest to divide this category into

I am a little lost with Doves in Christianity, because of the multiple symbolic references.

  • a dove descending from (the) heaven(s)
  • the Holy Spirit
  • apostle
  • dove represents the peace of the soul
  • resurrection,
  • Emblem of Divine Peace (at funerals)
  • Emblem of devoted love / Emblem of conjugal love, affection and harmony (at weddings)

With Category:Noah's Ark the dove may be a symbol for resurrection. Do you have any suggestions for sub-categories?
Category:Peace Doves does not refer to the peace of souls (civil peace only). As suggested at Commons:Categories for discussion/2012/11/Category:Pigeons in art Category:Doves shall become a category for pigeons in art of symbolic significance only. --PigeonIP (talk) 14:40, 26 November 2012 (UTC)