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Outline for a Commons' Equestrian Statues image database (draft)


  • Make the Commons collection of images of equestrian statues accessible
  • Make visible comparison of different statues possible
  • Allow to search these by various criteria related to the statue, its accessories, and, especially, the photos.
  • Integrate Wikipedia lists of statues and prepare for future Wikidata features

Why equestrian statues?[edit]

  • The number of statues isn't infinite.
  • Photos are fairly frequent
  • Wikipedia provides lists of statues

Search criteria[edit]

(Please add: we can evaluate later what can be done or later more may be possible)

Statue itself[edit]

Main provider for this information might be Wikipedia/Wikidata.

  • Horse
  • Other elements of the statue

Location of statue[edit]

Coordinates should be providing this. Possibly on Wikidata directly


Main information to be provided by Commons. Initially this can be done through categories or search. Later maybe through Wikidata.

  • Year taken
  • Position of viewer in relation to statue (horizontal/vertical)
  • Part of image covered by statue
  • detail view?
  • Additional elements in the image


  • me


  1. Identify each statue with images available
  2. Identify criteria to determine the way the statues is represented in photos
  3. Build categories for primary criteria:

To do[edit]