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GWToolset users are users who are able to use the GLAMWikiToolset extension to mass upload pictures from GLAM institutions to Commons.

The user community has an open email group to exchange information about projects, best practices, improvement of the tool (including discussion to prioritize the resolution of reported bugs) and user documentation. There is a Steering Group composed of experienced Wikimedia Commons batch uploaders, Wikimedia Chapter funding representatives and the project team (current partners are Europeana), which has oversight of project development, acting as sprint reviews during active development, and discusses future proposals related to the toolset. The Steering Group has a closed email list, meetings are held by video-conferencing several times a year, and etherpad minutes are published of past meetings, see the Project pages.

Users and projects[edit]

As of November 2014 there have been 42 user accounts to upload files with the GLAMwikiToolset.

User Projects and proposals using the GWToolset Edit table
2014: NYPL maps 12,000 scanned maps from the New York Public Library ✓ Done
2014: Art of Japan in the Rijksmuseum an initial set of 2,496 images from the Rijksmuseum ✓ Done
2014: Paintings in the Rijksmuseum an update of 3,600 as part of a Wikidata project ✓ Done
2014: Photochrom prints collection: 10,252R from the Library of Congress ✓ Done
2014: Panoramic photographs collection: 0R from the Library of Congress ✓ Done
2014: Historic American Buildings Survey (Cat) (303,753 uploaded, estimated total >200,000)
2014: Wellcome 100,000 images from the Wellcome Digital Library (upload being arranged)
If you want to try GWT on the beta cluster before asking for access on Commons, I can arrange it - drop me a note with a rationale and a link to your beta account.
Jheald 2014: British Library 430 scanned highlight images uploaded via Flickr from BL Images Online. ✓ Done.
85jesse 2014: Media from Open Beelden over 1500 videos, including Dutch newsreels and footage of nature, especially birds
Swiss National Library 2014: SNL wants to upload further collections of pictures to Commons.

2015: 2358 pictures of "Schweizer Kleinmeister" from the mid-18th to mid-19th Category:Collection Gugelmann ✓ Done

Hansmuller 2013-2014: Dutch Wikipedian in special residence at six academic libraries, see Wikipedia:GLAM/Wikipedians in Special Residence in the Netherlands 2013-2014

2014: 100-odd (old) photographs and maps of Africa from African Studies Centre, Leiden in Category:African_Studies_Centre_(Leiden) (top)
2014: 100-odd pre-1900 photographs of the history of the women's movement from Atria, Amsterdam in Category:Atria, kennisinstituut voor emancipatie en vrouwengeschiedenis (top)
2014: 1700-odd high resolution photographs of engravings/maps etc. from old books from the Peace Palace Library, The Hague, largely still to be done in Category:Collection Peace Palace Library (top)

Multichill I'm on the steering group of the project. Not sure yet what I'm going to upload.
DivadH 2014: Uploaded the Category:Images_of_Samis_and_of_West_Bothnia photography collection from the Swedish National Heritage Board as a pilot full-scale test of the tool. ✓ Done
Benoit Rochon w:en:Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Ayaita 2014:La Mochila, Almanaque Azul
Jean-Frédéric Serve on the steering group
Oversees “Champlitte“
Upload “MH_Ile-de-France” ~ 3000 files ✓ Done
“Fonds Raoul Berthelé ~ 2000 files ✓ Done
Ally Crockford 2014: 1100 images uploaded from the National Library of Scotland. NLS wants to release further images, currently aiming to upload up to 10,000 files over the next six months to a year.
Slowking4 2014: LOC FSA images
2014: Florida Memory Project
2015: Smithsonian Institution
Basvb 2014: KNBLO images of the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse. 1.185 images. Upload description.
Pdproject Cooperation with Wikimedia Deutschland:

2011 (Oct-Dec): 34 audio files of 78 rpm gramophone records (will be replaced in 2015 with high quality flac files)
2012: 163 audio files of 78 rpm gramophone records (will be replaced in 2015 with high quality flac files)

Cooperation with Wikimedia CH:
2013: 97 audio files of 78 rpm gramophone records (will be replaced in 2015 with high quality flac files)
2014: 29 audio files of 78 rpm gramophone records (will be replaced in 2015 with high quality flac files)
2015 (Jan-Mar): 47 audio files of 78 rpm gramophone records (will be replaced in 2015 with high quality flac files)
2015 (Apr-Dec): from 242 audio files digitized in 2014, we have investigated the copyrights of 90 files which are currently being cataloged and then uploaded
Future: >50'000 78 rpm gramophone records, thousands of vinyl discs and hundreds of phonograph cylinders waiting for their cleaning, digitization and copyright investigation
See also: All uploaded files

Ambrosiani / Nordiska museet 2015: 19th century fashion illustrations from Swedish fashion magazines (1,051 images) and mid 20th century fashion photos (28 images). ✓ Done

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