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Available modules[edit]

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Module Used in To do Accessible
to templates
Clone? Comment
Module:Archive Commons:Photography critiques yes no archived subpages support
Module:Assessments {{Assessments/sandbox2}} Under construction
use in {{Assessments}}
yes no
Module:BASA Commons:Bulgarian Archives State Agency/Report
Commons:Държавна агенция "Архиви"/Доклад
yes no Report on BASA image upload
Module:BIC {{BIC}} yes no Core of the template for tagging monuments from Spanish heritage register
Module:BiologyList {{Subspecies}}
yes no Core of taxonomy templates
Module:Convert {{Convert}} Links to EN-WP articles are not working yes yes provide metric and English version of different measurements
{{Object location}}
{{Globe location}}
Extend to {{Inline coordinates}} yes no Formats templates related to geo coordinates
{{Date}} yes no Format dates and time strings based on language
Module:Declension unused Use by Module:Technique and possibly others. yes no Regular declension rules for different languages. Proof of concept module to be used in {{Technique}}
Module:Diff {{TextDiff}}
Document templates and module yes no Functions for diffing text
Module:Editnotice {{Anon-warning-no-edit}} yes no Editnotice support
Module:En2bndigit Commons:স্বাগতম yes no Translates numbers, dates and months from English to Bengali language
Module:Era yes no Translates the "era" part of a date ("BC", "AD", etc.)
Module:Fallback {{LangSwitch}}
Extend to {{SuperFallback}} and {{Fallback}} yes no Core of internationalization (I18n) templates
Module:Fallbacklist Module:Fallback
Retire and use mw:language:getFallbackfor instead no no Catalogs language fallback chains for each language. See here.
Module:Formatnum {{Formatnum}} yes no Format number based on language
Module:ISOdate {{ISOyear}}, {{ISOdate}} yes no Parses different date formats and creates dates and time strings based on language
Module:JSON Module:TemplateBox and {{TemplateBox}} no yes Encode/decode JSON
Module:Math ? yes yes More math functions
Module:Matrix planned use in {{Map}} no yes Linear algebra math functions
Module:Multilingual description {{Multilingual description}} no no Similar purpose as Module:Fallback
Module:Languages {{Lle}}, {{Ll}},
{{Lang links}}
Module:Louvre rooms {{Louvre rooms}} yes no metadata about Louvre rooms
{{Navbox}} yes yes Core of en:Wikipedia:Navigation templates
{{Ordinal}} yes no Convert integer to an abbreviated ordinal number.
Module:Roman {{Roman}} yes no Conversion to Roman numerals
Module:String {{Str len}}

{{Str right}}
{{First word}}
{{Remove first word}}
{{Str number/trim}}
{{File extension}}
{{Str num char}}
{{Remove file prefix}}

yes yes More string functions
Module:Technique unused Use by {{Technique}}. yes no Might become the core of {{Technique}}
Module:TemplateBox {{TemplateBox}} yes no Core of template documentation
Module:UnitTests Other Modules no yes Provides a unit test facility used by other Modules
Module:Wikibase unused not working no yes Module for querying wikidata using JSON. The original code seems to work at d:Module:WBHacks, but Commons clone does not work.
Module:Wikidata unused Undocumented, untested and unused no no
Module:Wikidata4Bio {{VN}} Extends to Wikibase items not connected to the current page, like categories yes no Looks up, displays, and checks against data on Commons, properties of a gallery in wikidata
Module:Yesno other modules no yes Handling of template boolean arguments

List of all modules[edit]

Archive Archive/doc Arguments
Artwork Assessments Assessments/doc
Authority control Authority control/doc BASA
BASA/doc BIC BIC/doc
BIC/lang Background Background/doc
Bananas Bananas/doc Bananas/testcases
BiologyList BiologyList/doc BiologyList/sandbox
BiologyList/sandbox/doc BiologyList/sandbox/testcases BiologyList/testcases
CascadeProtector CascadeProtector/doc Category handler
Category handler/blacklist Category handler/config Category handler/data
Category handler/shared Chart City/data
Clickable button 2 Collapsible list Collapsible list/doc
Colors Colors/data Complex
Complex date Complex date/doc Complex date/sandbox
Complex date/sandbox/doc Complex date/sandbox/testcases Complex date/testcases
Complex date/testcases1 Convert Convert/data
Convert/doc Convert/text ConvertOdiaDigit
ConvertOdiaDigit/doc Coordinates Coordinates/doc
Coordinates/sandbox Coordinates/sandbox/doc Coordinates/sandbox/testcases
Coordinates/testcases CountryAdjective/cs CountryAdjective/da
CountryAdjective/de CountryAdjective/el CountryAdjective/en
CountryAdjective/eo CountryAdjective/et CountryAdjective/et/doc
CountryAdjective/fa CountryAdjective/fi CountryAdjective/fr
CountryAdjective/hu CountryAdjective/ja CountryAdjective/mk
CountryAdjective/ml CountryAdjective/nds CountryAdjective/nl
CountryAdjective/pl Date Date/doc
Date/sandbox Date/sandbox/doc Date/sandbox/testcases
Date/testcases Date phrase Declension
Delink Diff Diff/doc
Dir Dir/RTL overrides Dir/doc
Documentation Documentation/config Editnotice
Editnotice/doc Effective protection level En2bndigit
En2bndigit/doc En2bndigit/testcases Era
Era/doc Era/i18n/doc Era/testcases
Fallback Fallback/doc Fallback/sandbox
Fallback/sandbox/doc Fallback/sandbox/testcases Fallback/sandbox/testcases/doc
Fallback/testcases Fallback/testcases/doc Fallback/tests/fallbacks
Fallbacklist Fallbacklist/doc File
File/doc File/tests/all FileName
FilePath FilePath/doc FilePath/tests/titleFromSrc
FileUtil Flag FormatJSON
FormatLua FormatLua/doc FormatLua/tests/toLua
Formatnum Formatnum/doc Formatnum/sandbox
Formatnum/testcases GetFallback HTMLParser
HTMLParser/ElementNode HTMLParser/doc HTMLParser/voidelements
I18n/artwork I18n/complex date I18n/complex date/doc
I18n/complex date/sandbox I18n/coordinates I18n/coordinates/doc
I18n/date I18n/date/doc I18n/era
I18n/name I18n/negative film I18n/oil on canvas
I18n/oil on canvas/doc I18n/or I18n/or/doc
I18n/ordinal I18n/ordinal/doc I18n/ordinal/testcases
I18nmaintenance ISOdate ISOdate/doc
ISOdate/sandbox ISOdate/sandbox/doc ISOdate/sandbox/testcases
ISOdate/testcases ImageVote Indent
JSON JSON/doc Jotpe:IntNavigation
Jotpe:IntNavigation/doc Jotpe:IntNavigationData Jotpe:IntNavigationData/doc
Józef Piłsudski Institute of America Józef Piłsudski Institute of America/doc Königlich Sächsische Triangulation
Languages Languages/List Languages/List/doc
Languages/doc Languages/testcases/test/de Languages/testcases/test/en
Linguistic Linguistic/doc Linguistic/testcases
Link List Louvre rooms
Louvre rooms/doc Lua banner Map
Map/doc Map/testcases Math
Math/doc Math/sandbox Math/testcases
Matrix Matrix/doc Matrix/testcases
Message box Message box/configuration Messtischblatt
Messtischblatt/data Messtischblatt/trans Multilingual description
Multilingual description/doc Multilingual description/sort Multilingual description/sort/doc
MyUploads MyUploads/doc Name
Namespace detect/config Namespace detect/data Navbar
Navbar/doc Navbox Navbox/doc
No globals Occupation Occupation/Wikidata
Occupation/ca Occupation/cs Occupation/da
Occupation/de Occupation/doc Occupation/el
Occupation/en Occupation/eo Occupation/es
Occupation/et Occupation/eu Occupation/fa
Occupation/fi Occupation/fr Occupation/he
Occupation/hu Occupation/it Occupation/it/doc
Occupation/ja Occupation/ko Occupation/mk
Occupation/ml Occupation/nds Occupation/nl
Occupation/no Occupation/pl Occupation/pt
Occupation/redirects Occupation/ro Occupation/ru
Occupation/sl Occupation/sv Occupation/sw
Occupation/uk Occupation/vi Occupation/yo
Occupation/zh-hans Occupation/zh-hant Ordinal
Ordinal/doc Ordinal/sandbox Ordinal/sandbox/doc
Ordinal/sandbox/testcases Ordinal/testcases POTY
POTY/config POTY/config/2013 POTY/config/2014
POTY/font POTY/font/PlayfairDisplaySC-Regular/support POTY/font/cookie/support
POTY/i18n POTY/i18n/misc POTY/parser
Page Page/sandbox PeopleName
PeopleName/doc PeopleName/testcases Plotter/DefaultColors
Protection banner/config QuickTest Roman
Roman/doc Roman/sandbox Roman/sandbox/doc
Roman/sandbox/testcases Roman/testcases SVG Chart
SVG Chart/doc SVG Chart/error SVG Chart/init
SVG Chart/standard SVG Chart/svg-axis SVG Chart/svg-axistext
SVG Chart/svg-graphs SVG Chart/svg-head SVG Chart/svg-legend
SVG Chart/svg-marker SVG Chart/svg-text SVG Chart/svg-viewbox
Sandbox Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1 Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/doc
Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/error Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/init Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/standard
Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-axis Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-axistext Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-graphs
Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-head Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-legend Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-marker
Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-text Sandbox/Con-struct (t)/Test1/svg-viewbox Sandbox/Jackmcbarn
Sandbox/doc Sandbox/pagelang Set
Sortist String String/doc
String/testcases StripFilename StripFilename/doc
Table TableTools TableTools/doc
Taxonavigation Taxonavigation/doc Taxonavigation/sandbox
Taxonavigation/sandbox/doc Taxonavigation/testcases Technique
Technique/en Technique/mappings Technique/pl
Technique/synonyms TemplateBox TemplateBox/doc
TemplateBox/test TemplatePar TemplatePar/doc
Template translation Test
Test/doc Test/testcases TimeAgo