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Picture of the Year 2013

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Captions of the finalists (POTD)

Here are the POTD captions of POTY2013 finalists. Please translate or improve their capsions in your language!

2013 Finalists (edit)
No. Candidate Filename POTD Caption in your lang
Please translate or improve them!
1 13-11-02-olb-by-RalfR-03.jpg 13-11-02-olb-by-RalfR-03.jpg Potd/2014-03-23 Science library of Upper Lusatia in Görlitz, Germany.
2 A 360 degree panorama of a unique cloudscape over La Silla.jpg A 360 degree panorama of a unique cloudscape over La Silla.jpg Potd/2014-07-28 A 360 degree panorama of a unique cloudscape over La Silla Observatory, in the southern edges of the Atacama Desert, Chile.
3 Aircraft Rescue Firefighting training.jpg Aircraft Rescue Firefighting training.jpg Potd/2014-08-06 Aircraft Rescue Firefighting training (U.S. Marine Corps).
4 Antarctica 6400px from Blue Marble.jpg Antarctica 6400px from Blue Marble.jpg Potd/2014-10-05 Antarctica. An orthographic projection of NASA's Blue Marble data set.
5 Athene cunicularia -near Goiania, Goias, Brazil-8 edit.jpg Athene cunicularia -near Goiania, Goias, Brazil-8 edit.jpg Potd/2014-02-19 A Burrowing Owl near Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. It is standing on one leg.
6 Axis axis (Nagarhole, 2010).jpg Axis axis (Nagarhole, 2010).jpg Potd/2015-03-15 Chital (Axis axis) stag attempting to browse on a misty morning in Nagarhole National Park.
7 Barack Obama with artistic gymnastic McKayla Maroney 2.jpg Barack Obama with artistic gymnastic McKayla Maroney 2.jpg Potd/2014-02-17 President Barack Obama jokingly mimics U.S. Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney's "not impressed" look while greeting members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team in the Oval Office, November 15, 2012. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza.)
8 Basteibrücke morgens.jpg Basteibrücke morgens.jpg Potd/2014-08-11 Bastei bridge in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxony, Germany
9 British Museum Great Court, London, UK - Diliff.jpg British Museum Great Court, London, UK - Diliff.jpg Potd/2014-03-26 A panorama of the Great Court of the British Museum in London, United Kingdom.
10 Bruegge View from Rozenhoedkaai.jpg Bruegge View from Rozenhoedkaai.jpg Potd/2013-06-25 Bruges, View from Rozenhoedkaai, blue hour
11 Chamaeleo namaquensis (Namib-Naukluft, 2011).jpg Chamaeleo namaquensis (Namib-Naukluft, 2011).jpg Potd/2013-04-21 The threat display of a Namaqua Chameleon (Chamaeleo namaquensis) in the Namib desert.
12 Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis.jpg Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis.jpg Potd/2014-08-07 Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis).
13 Ferronor GR12U 412 Montadon - Potrerillos.jpg Ferronor GR12U 412 Montadon - Potrerillos.jpg Potd/2014-08-08 Ferronor GR12U 412 on the gradient between Montadon and Codelcos Potrerillos plant, Chile.
14 Fomalhaut planet.jpg Fomalhaut planet.jpg Potd/2013-08-22 This illustration shows the newly discovered planet, Fomalhaut b, orbiting its sun, Fomalhaut.
15 Fortress of Guaita 2013-09-19.jpg Fortress of Guaita 2013-09-19.jpg Potd/2014-04-16 The fortress of Città di San Marino view from the side of torre Guaita on Monte Titano (Appennino tosco-romagnolo), Central Italy.
16 Frederic Edwin Church - Aurora Borealis - Google Art Project.jpg Frederic Edwin Church - Aurora Borealis - Google Art Project.jpg Potd/2015-05-04 "Aurora Borealis" by Frederic Edwin Church.
17 Giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park 2013.jpg Giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park 2013.jpg Potd/2014-05-03 Giant Sequoias photographed into the sky
18 Glenfinnan Site.jpg Glenfinnan Site.jpg Potd/2015-05-28 A panoramic view of Glenfinnan site in Scotland.
19 Glühwendel brennt durch.jpg Glühwedel brennt durch.jpg Potd/2014-08-17 The tungsten filament burning with a flame in the light bulb.
20 Green Sea Turtle grazing seagrass.jpg Green Sea Turtle grazing seagrass.jpg Potd/2013-09-15 Green Sea Turtle grazing seagrass at Akumal bay.
21 Hommik Viru rabas.jpg Hommik Viru rabas.jpg Potd/2014-02-16 Sunrise in Viru bog at Lahemaa National Park.
22 India - Varanasi green peas - 2714.jpg India - Varanasi green peas - 2714.jpg Potd/2014-08-09 Indian streetseller hands displaying green chickpeas.
23 Kölner Dom nachts 2013.jpg Kölner Dom nachts 2013.jpg Potd/2014-08-10 Cologne Cathedral at night in Köln, Germany.
24 Ligne Petite Ceinture parc Montsouris Paris.jpg Ligne Petite Ceinture parc Montsouris Paris.jpg Potd/2014-09-22 The Petite Ceinture railway line ("Little Belt railway") passing through the parc Montsouris, 14th arrondissement of Paris, France..
25 Liguus virgineus 01.JPG Liguus virgineus 01.JPG Potd/2014-10-08 Candy Cane Snail (Liguus virgineus); Originating from Hispaniola.
26 Ljungris July 2013.jpg Ljungris July 2013.jpg Potd/2014-02-15 Building in Ljungris, Ljungdalen, Berg Municipality, Jämtland County. Ljungris is owned by the Sámi community and used especially for Reindeer calf marking in the summer.
27 Macrocranion tupaiodon 01.jpg Macrocranion tupaiodon 01.jpg Potd/2014-08-30 Macrocranion tupaiodon; Eocene, Messel, Germany; Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde Karlsruhe.
28 Meriones unguiculatus - Wilhelma.jpg Meriones unguiculatus - Wilhelma.jpg Potd/2014-08-12 Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus) in Wilhelma Zoo, Stuttgart, Germany.
29 New born Frisian red white calf.jpg New born Frisian red white calf.jpg Potd/2015-06-01 New born calf of a Frisian red white cow.
30 Papageitauche Fratercula arctica 02.jpg Papageitauche Fratercula arctica 02.jpg Potd/2014-07-29 Puffin (Fratercula arctica) at Latrabjarg, Iceland.
31 Papageitaucher Fratercula arctica.jpg Papageitaucher Fratercula arctica.jpg Potd/2013-10-01 Puffin (Fratercula arctica) at Látrabjarg, Iceland
32 Polistes May 2013-2.jpg Polistes May 2013-2.jpg Potd/2015-05-19 Young paper wasp queen (Polistes dominula) guarding her nest and eggs.
33 Purekkari neemel.jpg Purekkari neemel.jpg Potd/2014-03-19 Purekkari neem, northernmost point in mainland Estonia at the end of October.
34 RhB ABe 4-4 III Kreisviadukt Brusio.jpg RhB ABe 4-4 III Kreisviadukt Brusio.jpg Potd/2014-11-02 Two Rhaetian Railways ABe 4/4 III multiple units with a local train traversing the spiral viaduct near Brusio, Switzerland.
35 RhB Ge 4-4 II Wiesener Viadukt.jpg RhB Ge 4-4 II Wiesener Viadukt.jpg Potd/2014-02-26 A RhB Ge 4/4 II with a push–pull train crosses the Wiesen Viaduct between Wiesen and Filisur, Switzerland.
36 Schloss Neuschwanstein 2013.jpg Schloss Neuschwanstein 2013.jpg Potd/2013-10-30 Castle Neuschwanstein at Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany.
37 Space Shuttle Columbia launching.jpg Space Shuttle Columbia launching.jpg Potd/2014-02-01 First launch of Space Shuttle Columbia during STS-1. Columbia disintegrated upon reentry this day in 2003, killing all seven crew members.
38 Squirrel posing.jpg Squirrel posing.jpg Potd/2014-12-27 A red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).
39 Sun poster.svg Sun poster.svg Potd/2015-03-31 Diagram of the Sun.
40 Swallow flying drinking.jpg Swallow flying drinking.jpg Potd/2014-08-31 A swallow (Hirundo rustica) drinking while flying over a swimming pool
41 Tabanus sudeticus MHNT Portrait.jpg Tabanus sudeticus MHNT Portrait.jpg Potd/2014-08-23 Dark giant horsefly (Tabanus sudeticus), taken at Fronton, Haute-Garonne France.
42 Tamme-Lauri tamm suvepäeval.jpg Tamme-Lauri tamm suvepäeval.jpg Potd/2014-09-03 Tamme-Lauri oak, the oldest tree in Estonia.
43 Telleri kabel.jpg Telleri kabel.jpg Potd/2013-12-01 Chapel of town government member J. F. Teller's family at Raadi cemetery in Tartu, Estonia. Built in 1794.
44 The Bridge (August 2013).jpg The Bridge (August 2013).jpg Potd/2013-10-12 The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the Marin Headlands at sunrise.
45 Thyssen-Krupp-Quartier-Essen-Q1-2013.jpg Thyssen-Krupp-Quartier-Essen-Q1-2013.jpg Potd/2015-02-02 Corporate Headquarter of ThyssenKrupp, building Q1.
46 Tuhala Witches Well1-21-03-2013.jpg Tuhala Witches Well1-21-03-2013.jpg Potd/2013-08-07 Witch's Well (karst spring) in Tuhala (Estonia) is "boiling over".
47 V22-Osprey.jpg V22-Osprey.jpg Potd/2014-07-27 Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey at the RIAT 2012.
48 Vatican City map EN.png Vatican City map EN.png Potd/2015-02-11 Map of the Vatican City - contains map data © OpenStreetMap contributors (ODbL).
49 Willem van de Velde II - Dutch men-o'-war and other shipping in a calm.jpg Willem van de Velde II - Dutch men-o'-war and other shipping in a calm .jpg Potd/2014-12-18 Dutch men-o'-war and other shipping in a calm by Willem van de Velde II (Baptized December 18, 1633).
50 Ніжний ранковий світло.jpg Ніжний ранковий світло.jpg Potd/2013-08-08 National park "Sviati Hory" (Holy Mountains), Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Translation statistics

All translations so far

Language Messages Untranslated Completion Outdated State
af: Afrikaans 189 179 5% 1% In progress
ar: Arabic 189 110 41% 1% In progress
be: Belarusian 190 186 2% 0%
bg: Bulgarian 190 67 64% 2% In progress
bn: Bengali 190 114 40% 1% In progress
ca: Catalan 255 224 12% 1% In progress
cs: Czech 255 124 51% 2%
cy: Welsh 190 182 4% 0%
de: German 255 12 95% 2% In progress
el: Greek 190 70 63% 1% In progress
en-gb: British English 190 37 80% 2% In progress
eo: Esperanto 190 136 28% 1% In progress
es: Spanish 255 59 76% 1% In progress
fa: Persian 255 243 4% 1%
fi: Finnish 255 239 6% 2% In progress
fr: French 255 59 76% 4% In progress
ga: Irish 190 104 45% 1% In progress
gl: Galician 190 127 33% 1%
he: Hebrew 190 130 31% 0% In progress
hu: Hungarian 190 85 55% 1% In progress
id: Indonesian 255 155 39% 2%
it: Italian 255 74 70% 2% In progress
ja: Japanese 255 64 74% 2% In progress
ka: Georgian 190 156 17% 1%
ko: Korean 255 173 32% 2%
lb: Luxembourgish 190 96 49% 0% In progress
lt: Lithuanian 190 135 28% 1%
lv: Latvian 190 90 52% 1%
mk: Macedonian 255 48 81% 0% Ready
ml: Malayalam 255 95 62% 0% Ready
ms: Malay 255 110 56% 1% In progress
mzn: Mazanderani 190 130 31% 1% In progress
nb: Norwegian Bokmål 209 196 6% 2%
nl: Dutch 255 44 82% 3% In progress
pl: Polish 255 94 63% 2% In progress
pt: Portuguese 255 48 81% 0% In progress
pt-br: Brazilian Portuguese 190 86 54% 1%
ru: Russian 255 10 96% 0% In progress
sk: Slovak 190 185 2% 0%
so: Somali 190 141 25% 1%
sv: Swedish 255 48 81% 0% Proofreading
ta: Tamil 190 164 13% 1%
th: Thai 190 176 7% 1%
tr: Turkish 190 106 44% 3% In progress
ug-arab: Uyghur (Arabic script) 190 185 2% 0%
uk: Ukrainian 255 54 78% 2% In progress
ur: Urdu 190 102 46% 1% Ready
uz: Uzbek 190 137 27% 1%
vi: Vietnamese 255 104 59% 2% In progress
yi: Yiddish 190 139 26% 0% In progress
zh: Chinese 190 92 51% 1% In progress
All languages together 11,072 5,924 46% 1%

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    • All dates are automatically formatted with a template. When you are translating, you will see a variable (like $time). Just type $time wherever you want to include the $time in the output and it will be localized automatically.
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    • All messages should be translated. For a perfect voting experience, all the messages need to be localized. However, priority should be given to banners and interface messages (not long announcements).
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    • The Picture of the Year committee doesn't have results until the end of both rounds. There's nothing to translate yet.
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    • Many protected pages can be translated through the extension interface. If you are having trouble, let us know on the POTY talk page. Please include your translation.