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Examples Pyrite


Azurite (blue) and Malachite (green)



Quartz (agate)


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Robert “Rob” Lavinsky, PhD (vegeu la seva biografia a ha donat la seva base de dades de fotografies completa a (unes 50.000 imatges), així com totes les imatges de la seva pròpia pàgina (col·leccionades en vàries galeries respectivament ordenades alfabèticament pel nom del mineral).

Part tècnica[edit]

Les imatges a mindat s'estan carregant a Commons pel bot RKBot, categoritzades i la localitat traduïda en alemany. Es pot trobar totes les imatges que han estat carregades a Category:Images by Rob Lavinsky i Category:Rob Lavinsky.

Per Fer[edit]

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D'aquí poc[edit]

Rob Lavinsky també ha ofert totes les seves imatges del seu web, les quals seran carregades d'aquí poc a Commons.

More pictures needed?[edit]

Furthermore Rob Lavinsky offered more pictures from his private archive (about 20,000).

Please leave a note here describing pictures of minerals needed for a mineral article. Rob Lavinsky will be asked after a while. If he has any picture of the requested pictures, we can get them

Image requests[edit]

Remarks: All mineral categories have been created so far: So if the category shows up in red above, there was no such mineral with Rob's images (however, there is a small chance that the mineral has a different spelling with

Image list[edit]

The image list is obsolete now, since the comparison with the images will be done by the bot.

More recent images can be found in other websites like

Duplicate images and bad names[edit]

These exist, and are being collected at

See this discussion. Thanks, PDTillman (talk) 20:47, 11 June 2010 (UTC)