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Commmons Commander was not ported from Toolserver to Tool labs. Ask Magnus Manske if you miss it.

Commons Commander (CC) is a GUI for Commons running from Toolserver. It allows editors to add/change/remove categories on files by selecting them through thumbnails. Thumbnails are listed with search, categories, user contributions, etc.


(based on Magnus Manske's email of 19 Oct 2009):

Some features:

  • Two-pane browsing (can be switched to one pane)
  • Browsing files by
    1. category
    2. uploader
    3. recent uploads
    4. file search
  • Filter current file list by title (e.g. all files in the current category/user file list with "Paris" in the title)
  • Thumbnails or detailed list, sorted by name, size, or upload date, ascending or descending
  • "Eternal scroll" - load some files initially, loads some more as you scroll towards the bottom of the list
  • Eternal scroll works for browsing files in a category, user uploads, and search results
  • Recent uploads will add new files every 30 seconds instead
  • Search for categories and browse the category tree in a special tab
  • Open file on double-click
  • Select one or multiple files with Crtl and/or Shift keys, or with buttons at the borrom
  • Removing from / adding or moving to a category (where possible) by buttons in the category sidebar (Commons only; needs TUSC login)

The right-click context for files can be used to:

  • Quickly add a file to a category (or move, when browsing a category)
  • Rename a file (currently invokes "Move page" on Commons, as my bot is not allowed to move pages)
  • CheckUsage
  • Go to file view/edit
  • Show other files uploaded by the same user
  • Show related files (searches for "significant" parts of the file name)
  • Show categories of a file in the category browsing tab

How to use[edit]

Known issues/limitations[edit]

(Please add here or use the talk page to mention other issues)

  • Category view for categories with some special characters can only be opened through the gadget
  • changing categories with sortkeys doesn't work
  • Some may prefer "Single click clears other selections" and "Two panes" options to be de-activated by default.
  • "Make subcategory of" doesn't appear to work
  • If the confirmation screen to add/move/remove files lists many entries, use "tab" to reach the lower part of the screen
  • When searching for categories to add or move files to, the search is somewhat slow after the first three characters.

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