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Ekzistas kelkaj manieroj por alŝuti plurmediaĵojn al Vikimedia Komunejo.

Integrital iloj[edit]


The default tool, accessible from the « Upload a file » link in the left menu.

Possible customisation: default license in Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-uploads

GLAMwiki Toolset[edit]

An advanced tool that allows GLAMs to automatically upload large batches of digital versions of their collections.


This ECMAScript can be integrated with the importScript(); feature for uploads with a chosen chunk size. It avoids some Upload Stash oddities not yet handled by the Upload Wizard.

Memstaraj tablokomputilaj programoj[edit]

Interfaco de Komonisto
Interfaco de Vicuña-alŝutilo


Komonisto (angle Commonist) estas Java programo por facila amasa alŝutado al Vikimedia Komunejo kaj aliaj MediaVikiaj retejoj.


Vicuña-alŝutilo (angle VicuñaUploader) estas libera ilo programita en Javo por alŝutadi dosierojn al Vikimedia Komunejo kaj aliaj Vikimediaj projektoj. Ĝi estas iom simila al Komonisto sed havas kelkajn aldonajn funkciojn kaj alian uzanto-interfacon.



ComeOn! is a free tool written in Java to upload pictures to Wikimedia Commons with extended support for JPEG metadata and its use in page templates. It is currently in beta mode but stable.


Etendaĵoj por bildoprogramoj[edit]

KIPI uploader configuration

KIPI uploader[edit]

A KIPI plugin for digiKam and Gwenview was made for easy upload of larger numbers of images to Wikimedia Commons and other MediaWiki installations.


A plugin for Adobe Lightroom that lets you export files to MediaWiki. Currently in beta state.

Saĝtelefonaj aplikaĵoj[edit]

Further information: Wikimedia Mobile Projects

Alŝutado al Komunejo per Andorido[edit]

A free Android app is available for uploading images directly from the mobile phone to Commons. (Android 2.3+ operating system required). The tool can be found at the Market. You may adapt it for your own purposes using the GNU source code from github.

Work on an official Wikimedia Commons uploader app for Android has been halted (as of September 2014). Source is available under GPLv2 license and volunteers are encouraged to fork devlopment.

Alŝutado al Komunejo per iPhone[edit]

Work on an official Wikimedia Commons uploader app for iOS has been halted (as of September 2014). Source is available under GPLv2 license and volunteers are encouraged to fork development.

Transigaj iloj[edit]

Alŝutado eldeFlickr[edit]

Ekzistas pluraj iloj por helpi alŝutadon de dosieroj elde Flickr.

Komuneja Helpilo[edit]

This page will generate code that you can copy and paste when moving an image from a Wikipedia to Commons. Note that you still need to verify the source and only transfer images that have reasonable licenses. You also still need to give the image a category, although the assistant is hooked up to CommonSense, so it can suggest them at the same time. Developed by User:Magnus Manske.

Provided that you have the upload_by_url right, you'll see an additional input box on Special:Upload for selecting the upload source.

Upload by URL[edit]

User's with the upload_by_url right (Image reviewers, Admins, GWToolset users), can directly transfer images from another website (If it is on the whitelist) via the API or via Special:Upload. With the Upload Wizard it is possible to upload files from Flickr.

Internet Archive[edit]

IA-upload is available for everyone (uses OAuth). You can select any Internet Archive free book, the description is prefilled and you are given a chance to edit it before upload.

If the desired book is not yet on Internet Archive, you can use BUB (Book Uploader Bot) to request its addition from another source. The job is entirely automatical, accepts requests for multiple books at once and can notify by email when the book is ready, with a link to ia-upload to complete the transfer.

For comprehensive help on how to use the Internet Archive for Wikisource and other Wikimedia activities, refer to s:en:Help:DjVu files#The Internet Archive.