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This is a list of contributors who left this project. We hope that this list remains short and that some missing contributors come back.

If you think that a community member will throw in the towel, being nice and encouraging dispute resolution in a civil manner could help so that you don't have to add his or her name to this list.

The purpose of this list is to provide a reminder to us of those valuable contributors who have left. Please only add user when you are certain that they left. If a user returns, welcome him back and take his name off this list.


  • Kasuga: The artist behind Wikipe-tan. Kasuga stopped contributing to Commons, enwiki, and jawiki in October 2009.


  • Mike.lifeguard: absolute power user (admin + checkuser) until 2009, stopped editing in 2011
  • BomBom: ar-N and fr-N user who mainly editted Commons and the English Wikipedia, went on a definitive break in 2011


  • Jinnai: Manga, anime, and visual novel enthusiast who stopped editing all Wikimedia projects in January 2012. See also: en:User:Jinnai.
  • Pieter Kuiper: Long-time contributor who was banned in June 2012 for being nitpicky about copyrights and getting on people's nerves.
  • ABF: active administrator and OTRS volunteer who resigned his tools (and also stopped editing here) in June 2012.


  • Trycatch: former Commons sysop who became inactive in February 2013
  • Saibo: valued admin who left because he disagreed with some of the WMF's decisions
  • Katepanomegas: highly esteemed vector graphic designer - victim of URV complaints
  • Rd232: Commons admin who retired in May 2013.
  • Delicious carbuncle: An contributor who cared about morals and the safety of children who became inactive in September 2013.


  • Liamdavies: A tram enthusiast who shared his love and knowledge of trams online and offline. He shared tram and transit photos on Commons, improved Wikipedia articles, and participates in a tram museum.
  • High Contrast: power user and former Commons sysop
  • Coat of Many Colours: A passionate contributor with a strong heart and a strong sense of justice.
  • Fred the Oyster: Admirable technical skills far outweighing one peculiar deficit.
  • Dcoetzee delivered with great technical knowledge sysop, was the first to give cameras to other users and to start the google art project.


  • Russavia: the boldest, most daring user of all time.
  • Tisane: a contributor who was absolutely committed to his principles and wasn't afraid of creating a fuss or of placing his comfort or livelihood on the line.

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