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This review is prompted by a recent (18 Jan 2012) US court decision (en:Golan v. Holder) which affirms the URAA, which restores copyright in the US on foreign works if that work was still copyrighted in the foreign source country on the URAA date (1 Jan 1996 for most countries). Before this was affirmed, many files were tagged {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}. Now that it has been, many or most of these files have had their US copyright definitely restored, and need to be reviewed for removal from Commons, since Commons:Licensing says Commons only hosts public domain (PD) works that are public domain in (at least) the US and the source country.

This page aims to organise a review of files tagged {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}. At the same, there are wider issues with PD tags not providing enough information on why a work is PD in both the US and the source country. These files should also be reviewed, information improved, and in some cases deleted (if Commons:Licensing is not satisfied). This, along with handling URAA-affected files which were not tagged with {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}, may be done as part of a wider Commons:WikiProject Public Domain/PD review.

Following a discussion in Commons:Massive restoration of deleted images by the URAA, it was decided that URAA cannot be used as the sole reason for deletion. Deleted files can be restored after a discussion in COM:UDR. Potentially URAA-affected files should be tagged with {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}.


To do[edit]

draft for discussion

  1. Set up a project page to coordinate all this. That way we would have a place we can link to when we post notices on other wikis.
  2. Inform Wikis:
    1. Inform all Wikis that the result of the discussion is that we can't keep the files. And add a link to the project page.
    2. Do a query of all the files used in each wiki and inform the wikis about the numbers of "their" files that may be deleted.
    3. Give all the wikis a deadline to decide if they can and will have the files copied to their wiki.
  3. Whats the problem?
    1. Make a list of all templates that may be a problem.
    2. Make a list of all files that may be deleted (or at least a list of the number of files with each template).
  4. Check files
    1. Agree on a method to get this working
    2. Update license pages etc. so we all have a better chance to figure out which files are ok and which files are not
    3. Start checking
      1. Mark as ok.
      2. Mark as NOT ok.
  5. Files that is not ok
    1. Have a bot to mark file with no permission and inform uploader
    2. Have a bot inform local wikis where the file used
    3. If the wiki has opted in for "copy to wiki" then a bot copies the file to the wiki
    4. When file has been copied to local wiki (or if they do not want it) mark it with "ready for deletion"
    5. Delete when the 7 days have passed and uploader (or anyone else) have not provided a valid permission.


Target for completion[edit]

The aim is to complete the task of reviewing all files tagged {{Not-PD-US-URAA}} by 31 December 2012 30 June 2014.


  • Files tagged {{Not-PD-US-URAA}}
    • as of 14 March 2012: 4259
    • as of 27 April 2012: 4322
    • as of 15 June 2012: 5716
    • as of 1 August 2012: 5564
    • as of 17 October 2012: 5705
    • as of 30 July 2013 5588
    • as of 18 December 2013: 4768
    • as of 9 January 2014: 3707
    • as of 5 February 2014: 3214
    • as of 1 March 2014: 4315