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Meeting rules[edit]

Short meeting to share most advances resources and personal projects:

  • 1min: Present yourself > Occupation, Place/Nationality.
  • 1 to 20min: Present your work related to Wikipedia maps
  • share information : know what & know how.
  • show us webpages (tabs), folders, files (ppt, svg, etc.) & interesting technologies ?


WMF GRANTS: Grants:IEG/GIS and Cartography in Wikimedia: (not granted)



#HistoricalMaps, #MapGLAM

user:Yug (Hugo)[edit]

#mapmaking, #guideline #convention, #GIS2SVG, #OnlineMapDesign

user:Planemad (Arun)[edit]

#mapmaking, #GIS2SVG, #D3js, #OnlineMapDesign


#OSM integration (get a frame displaying the topic with OSM data)

Others (please clarify if you know them)[edit] 
#WMF-de & WMF-nl, #historian
  • Wikipedia article editor, assisted to the meeting.
D3guy Limn Guy

WMF - Dan Andreescu - milimetric

Andy ?

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