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Add a new section on photos of old cave paintings under the "Examples" section?[edit]

Given this Village pump/Copyright discussion, would it be useful to add the example "Photograph of an old cave painting found on the Internet, or in a book" under the "Examples" section?

Photograph of an old cave painting found on the Internet, or in a book
Usually X mark.svg Not OK Cave painting is usually done on a surface that is curved and uneven, which means that the resulting work has a 3D aspect which is different from a normal 2D painting on a flat canvas. As previously mentioned, {{PD-art}} cannot be used for photos of 3D works. (In addition, a photo of cave painting may incorporate creative input with regard to framing if the photo was intended to include only a portion of the original cave painting.) See this Village pump/Copyright discussion.

--Gazebo (talk) 03:40, 28 February 2015 (UTC)